2017 Webinars (Live and On-Demand)

TMSA offers access to ongoing training and professional development for today's marketing, communications, and sales professional in transportation, logistics, and supply chain management. All webinars are included (no additional cost) to any TMSA member.


"How Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business Today"
Thursday, June 1, 11am Central
Presenters: Art Moryedi, Founder and Creative Director, Marlik Group
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On-Demand: "Identifying Buyers In The Supply Chain" (65 minutes)
Presenters: Bob Rippel, Performance Consultant, RJ Learning Group; Colin Longren, VP & General Manager, The Millau Group
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On-Demand: "How To Leverage SEO To Reach Buyers At Every Stage of the Buyer Journey" (75 minutes)
Presenter: Steve Wiideman, Wiideman Consulting Group
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On-Demand: "Pulse of the Media" (56 minutes)
Presenters: Bill Fahrenwald, Principal, James Street Associates; Bill Vantuono, Editor, Railway Age 
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On-Demand: "Never Cold Call Again: Prospecting Secrets for 2017" (55 minutes)
Presenter: John Boyens, Co-Founder of Boyens Group
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 On-Demand: "The Future of Content Marketing: The Content Brand" (58 minutes)
Presenter: Joe Pulizzi, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and founder of Content Marketing World
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On-Demand: "9 Steps To Launch A Thought Leadership Program" Webinar & E-Book Package (53 minutes)
Presenters: Jill Schmieg, Chief Strategies Sol de Naples Marketing; Chris Saynor, Strategic Advisor, eft Supply Chain & Logistics Intelligence) 
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On-Demand: "2016 TMSA Annual Sales & Marketing Metrics Study: How Does My Company Compare?" Webinar & E-Book Package (53 minutes)
Presenter: Hernan Vera, Managing Partner, Sales Outcomes
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On-Demand: "Taking The Mystery Out Of Responding To RFI/RFP/RFQs" (47 minutes)
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Presenters: Dave Balawender, Manager Solutions, FedEx Services; Marilyn Janas, President, TRANSVORTO