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2018 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference

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Opening Keynote: Building a Business Case for Alignment
Jeff Davis, Founder of The Sales and Marketing Alignment Summit, will help you understand the business case for taking on alignment in your organization. Learn about strategies and frameworks to determine the best ways to move forward with transforming Sales and Marketing into a highly functioning and aligned revenue engine focused on driving growth. Also learn how to determine if an alignment effort is needed, the cost of misalignment, and performance metrics that alignment will positively impact. > More

Shipper Perspectives: "Aligning Your Value with the Needs of Your Customer"
The business needs and demands from your customers continue to shift as outside forces drive change. Transportation and supply chain decision-makers are looking to you for assistance. Learn from transportation and supply chain decision-makers from leading companies like Unilever, Google and General Motors who will give you insights and perspectives on these critical questions: What's my biggest supply chain fulfillment challenges and what are the capacity and service issues that concern me most in the current market environment? What are the most critical deliverables and pressures facing my procurement team, and what metrics are we using to measure success? > More

Unlearning Supply Chain Management: "Becoming a Successful Company of Tomorrow"
Speaker Adrian Gonzales of Talking Logistics suggests that the first step to becoming a successful company of tomorrow unlearning supply chain management. “The way we’ve always done things” is no longer relevant or effective in addressing today’s supply chain challenges. During this compelling “fireside chat,” you’ll understand how to identify what needs to be unlearned in your approach to marketing and sales in supply chain management and assess what actions your company should take today to begin “the great unlearning” – and then better understand why this even matters. > More

Closing Keynote: Finding Saddam Hussein: Mastering Innovation, Teamwork 
Innovation and teamwork are two key ingredients for business alignment. In fact, they're necessary in any organization - including the military. In 2003 as the U.S. military was fully engaged in Operation Desert Storm, failure to locate Saddam Hussein weighed heavily on leadership. Staff Sergeant Eric Maddox, newly trained interrogator, was billeted to Iraq to assist in gathering intelligence. Hear from our closing keynote his thrilling story of how he overcame obstacles, and used innovation and empathetic listening to build a network link model to navigate the hierarchy of Iraqi leadership that ultimately helped to find Saddam Hussein. > More

Integrating Sales & Marketing for Explosive Growth Using LinkedIn
This session will show you how to turn LinkedIn Profiles from resumes into Sales & Marketing tools which communicate your unique business values to reduce enterprise sales cycles 3 to 9 months by pre-loading the value based conversation. You'll learn how to use Content to drive change with the 90% of your target market that is not actively seeking or already open to a new solution, which enables access to larger deal sizes and profit margins by avoiding RFPs. Lastly, you'll learn how both Sales & Marketing need to take a unified, collaborative account based approach on LinkedIn which outperforms traditional phone, email, street and social prospecting. > More

10 Reasons Google Hates your Transportation Website
There’s a good chance Google doesn’t like your transportation website. With Google dominating the online world of search (more than 80% of all searches in the U.S. are done via Google) it pays—literally—to get on the good side of Google’s organic algorithm. This session will focus on 10 common issues we see within the transportation world that could be dramatically hurting your company in Google searches. > More

The Power Behind Marketing Automation at LeSaint Logistics
LeSaint Logistics deployed marketing automation platform. As a result, marketing’s performance has skyrocketed with 200%+ lead growth and continuous deployment of email and social campaigns. During this session, you'll better understand features and functionality of marketing automation, learn best practices from a real-world industry peer, and participate in an open forum among marketing and sales practitioners on how to make the most of your automation investment. > More

Gamification: Maximizing CRM Success through Employee Engagement
Getting users on board with your CRM integration and employing best practices can feel like pulling teeth. Yet without full CRM user adoption the benefits that the system can bring to the business are not realized, creating an unaligned, unorganized system. Learn how to define gamification and its application, discover ways to touch base on user adoption struggles, and see how gamification for your CRM user adoption gives you the most from your software. > More

De-commoditizing Your Value in the Sales Process
Too often, salesforces are forced to capture business based on price. Caught between the lip service of relationship selling and quota-based commissions, Sales often sabotages its own long-term success for a quick close. This session will help you to better understand new methodologies in an effective approach to express and capture solution value. > More

The Business Magic Behind Tradeshows and Events
Explore the unique differences between digital and face-to-face marketing, and how to effectively blend these two powerful mediums to maximize engagement opportunities at tradeshows and events. Gain an inside look at how tech giant LinkedIn combined their digital resources, with a powerful face-to-face message to maximize attendee engagements at tradeshows and events. Then find practical advice on how to develop the demographic make-up of event attendees and take a deeper dive into the psychology of face-to-face marketing engagements. > More

Product Definition & Positioning: Overlooked Marketing Areas to Power Sales
Most transportation companies overlook the process of defining their service products and never consider training their sales team on proper positioning. Learn how to focus on effective product definition and positioning; train your sales force with a strategic marketing mentality; and align your Sales and Marketing through common language, methodology and, most importantly, goal achievement. > More

Are You Rich in Metrics But Struggle to Prove Value?
Marketing leaders need to see themselves as champions of growth, able to anticipate customer needs, develop their organizations’ Marketing capabilities, and measure their impact on the business in terms that matter to their CEOs, CFOs, and leadership teams. Learn the difference between measures and metric and easy ways to start with the right metrics; how to track the right marketing metrics and create a corresponding dashboard to prove marketing’s value, impact, and contribution, and gain C-level buy-in; and how to use your dashboard to facilitate strategic decisions and mitigate risk. > More

Out-Smart Your Competition, Not Out-Spend Them!
You don’t have to be a giant corporation or have a mega budget to improve your sales and marketing to attract more ideal customers. Join us to discover science and research based strategies that could help you attract loyal, high paying customers without the need to constantly cut from your bottom-line. Gain competitive advantage and reshape your sales and marketing approach for better customer acquisition, customer engagement and higher return on investment with actionable items to start making change right away. > More

Best Practices in Sales Success: Perspectives from C.H. Robinson’s James Santy
Through a strategic company vision and a network that enables change, James Santy is Vice President of Network Sales at C.H. Robinson, utilizes his relationships with customers to achieve a better understanding of, and greater visibility to, their global supply chain. By lending the expertise he has gained over the past 11 years, Santy combines a deep knowledge of current market conditions, practical experience, and proven processes to improve supply chains around the world. My professional goal as a sales leader is to show customers that with the right innovation, planning, and execution, they can turn their supply chain into a competitive advantage. > More

Unpacking the Blackbox of Sales
The Black Box is where 90% of your sales team works – the many different areas that have little to no visibility within a sales cycle. In organizations, it is characterized by lack of understanding around the handling of leads by reps, not knowing if the sales process is being followed, inconsistency with pipeline, not regularly reviewing sales communication, having rogue reps that are successful (or not successful) but nobody knows what they are doing differently, etc. When the Black Box is opened, clear paths are identified to achieve growth, revenue efficiency, and process excellence. In this session, you'll identify 3 key areas that are common to sales organizations that, when identified and unpacked, have a major impact on the output of the contributors. > More

Meet the Press: Logistics Industry Editor Panel
The transportation and logistics trade media reaches your target market with credibility. How can media relations and PR practitioners cut through the torrent of information and story pitches that hit editors every day? Come listen to several leading industry editors on how they use social media, news wires, agencies, PR professionals, and even your own website to develop stories of interest to their readers and your prospects. This panel discussion of editors will start with a review of current best practices and then will open to a dialogue about today’s dynamic media relation environment. Learn practical, real-world ways to communicate with the editors. > More

Sales Leader Summit Discussions
On the first day, invited sales leaders will discuss "The Rise of the Revenue Leader. They'll explore how to become adept at agile resource orchestration across the Sales, Marketing and Operations functions to ensure the players and resources are effectively aligned for maximum results. On the second day, the discussion will revolve around "Meeting the Increasing Demands of the Buyer." Participants will interact with transportation and supply chain decision-makers from such leading companies as Unilever, General Motors, Coca-Cola, and Google, who will identify their biggest market demands and industry challenges that are driving these radical supply chain shifts - and what their future expectations are from partners. > More

Interactive Discussion Groups
During lunch both Monday and Tuesday, participate in an interactive roundtable discussion on a topic of your choice. These “working lunches” are facilitated conversations that encourage the sharing of ideas, business best practices, and discussion among your industry colleagues with interests in a common subject. Topics include: 

  • Alignment through Common Metrics and Goals
  • Are your forecasts Aligned with Reality?
  • Become a Subject Matter Expert to Drive Sales
  • Driver Recruiting Strategies that Work
  • How to Leverage Industry Influencers for Growth
  • Is your Messaging Aligned to your Customers' Needs?
  • Lead Management Challenges and Best Practices
  • Leveraging Events to Attract, Convert, Close, and Retain Customers
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Growth
  • Onboarding: Managing the Customer Experience Post Sale
  • Personas and Segmentation Strategies
  • Sales, Marketing and Operations: How to collaborate, be effective, and get along inside an organization
  • SEM and SEO: Reaching Buyers Where they Search
  • Transportation 101: Operations and Trends in 2018
  • Using Content in Context: How to Align Content with "The Buyer's Journey"
  • What's needed to transform an organization into a customer-centric culture?
  • How to Create a TMSA Compass Award-Winning Entry

Industry Best Practices in Marketing, Communications & Sales
See 30+ industry best practices in marketing, communications, branding and sales - all of whom have received a 2018 TMSA Compass Award. You'll learn from your peers their brightest ideas and most effective solutions. They'll share in detail the business opportunity or challenge they faced, and how they leverage their initiatives by intelligent goal-setting; cutting-edge development, deployment and execution; and ultimately the metrics that measured the success of the initiatives.

TMSA Speed Networking
Connect with other engaged professionals in this fun, fast round-robin networking format, before the conference begins. It’s designed to maximize your connections throughout the conference and make your networking more meaningful. What will you get out of this session? Increase your professional network, find that perfect service partner, or even make connections that could help you in your job. You never know who you’ll meet or how they might impact your career. Each “round” possibly could be the best 3-minute meeting you’ll ever have!

2018 TMSA Recognition Reception & Compass Awards Program
This formal event will recognize the TMSA Marketing and Sales Executives of the Year, Volunteers of the Year, and the 2018 Compass Awards recipients. Purchase your Compass Program tickets for just $85 each - which includes a reception, dinner, and an evening of celebrating “the best of the best” in transportation marketing and sales. During the program, you'll also have the opportunity to see 30+ individual marketing, communications, and sales initiatives that have successfully generated business results for transportation and logistics companies throughout North America. 

Integrated Expo: Find Valuable Resources
The TMSA Expo brings you a multitude of potential partners who can offer you value through their industry trade media; marketing- and sales-related solutions: marketing, PR and advertising services; digital marketing and graphic design services; CRM, marketing and sales automation; sales consulting and training; event strategy, exhibit design and execution; print services; custom branded products; credit insurance and financial services; driver support services; and more. While you’re networking, make sure to have the exhibitors sign your TMSA Game Card for a chance to win valuable prizes!