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2019 TMSA Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference

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Compass Awards Program

The TMSA Compass Awards program recognizes excellence in marketing, communications, sales, and business strategy in the transportation and logistics. In its 67th year of existence, this year's program recognizes several award-winning initiatives that earned a 2019 Compass Award. It's your opportunity to see first-hand these results-driven marketing and sales initiatives - all while celebrating the best of the best in the industry.

Categories featured:

Integrated Campaign. Any marketing/sales program or collaborative initiative that uses a minimum of three marketing or communications tactics to achieve a broad business goal.

Content Marketing. A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Digital Sales & Marketing. Online approaches to create interaction and/or participation from web usages. Includes social media, banner advertising, and other online strategies.

Social Media Campaign. A marketing or communication campaign that leverages any social media channel (including infographics) to generate intended results.

Advertising Campaign. An individual ad or a multiple-ad campaign placed in business, trade or general-interest publications, on the web, or at an event.

Media Relations. Includes press conferences, media tours, article placements, news releases, press kits or any other media relations outreach.

Events. Includes trade shows, community relations, employee events, anniversaries, dedications or any other external or internal events.

Direct Marketing Campaign. Program designed to reach a specific target audience (print or electronic) internal or external to elicit a response.

Marketing & Sales Collateral. Includes brochures, annual reports, posters, flyers, case studies, magazine, website, multimedia presentation, any other sales and marketing documents.

CRM Solution. Strategies involving technology used to organize, automate and synchronize business processes.

Sales & Marketing Collaborated Effort. Showcase a project or program you’ve developed to bring these seemingly opposing divisions to the same table.

New Product Development. How you took that idea from your department, sales or a customer request, and turned it into a successful ongoing product or service.

Pricing Process and Analysis. Includes initiatives or programs developed to more effectively manage the customer bid process, spot or project pricing.

Recruiting/Retention Campaign. Strategy to recruit, engage and/or retain drivers and professionals in the workforce of an enterprise. 

Corporate Social Responsibility or Diversity Campaign (Sponsored by Women In Trucking Association)Strategy to position an organization as a positive champion of an important issue (including expanding gender/minority diversity).