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2019 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference

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Experiences: The Seventh Era of Sales & Marketing
How can a customer-experience (CX) focus on both optimizing marketing and enabling sales? We are moving into a new era of marketing - one where the creation of value through 24-7 story-driven experiences will be the focus. Robert Rose, Founder and Chief Troublemaker for The Content Advisory (the education consulting group with the Content Marketing Institute) will discuss the current evolution of B2B marketing and sales. See how companies are creating customer experiences that drive awareness, create new leads, and enable sales. Explore examples and results used to drive more revenue and simultaneously create more impactful customer experiences. Discover how to develop a CX strategy that delivers real, demonstrable, and profitable value to your business. > More

6 Disciplines of a Powerful CX Strategy that Drive Business Results
Today's leading organizations in transportation and logistics are creating a vision where every employee contributes to and shapes the Customer Experience (CX). A company that fully meets a customer’s expectation will have less customer churn, achieve greater margins, and participate in more growth with their customers. Companies that excel in their customer experience strategy financially outperform their peers. Dave Gardner, a supply chain leader who has found success in incorporating CX strategy, will walk through the six disciplines of a well-designed CX strategy including broadly communicating “the why,” sharing Voice of Customer, and rewarding great customer focused behaviors. > More

Charting the Course through Demographic Change
Learn about the shifting demography and related opportunities and challenges for you and your organization. Marketing, Sales, and Business leaders in transportation and logistics will walk away from this session with a different perspective about their company, their country, and their world. It will provide you with insights and real-life examples that make demography relevant to today’s culture, business climate and economy. > More

Industry Best Practices in Marketing, Communications & Sales
Learn what other transportation and logistics companies are doing effectively to generate business results as you see first-hand entries from the 2019 TMSA Compass Awards Program. Initiatives are in these categories: Integrated Marketing Campaigns; Content Marketing, Digital Sales & Marketing, Social Media Campaigns; Print and Online Advertising; Special Events; Direct Marketing and Sales Collateral; Media Relations; CRM Solution; and Sales & Marketing Collaborated Efforts. > More

Sh*t Happens: Don't Let Service Failures Define Your Customer Experience
In a service industry like transportation and logistics, issues, problems and service failures can happen on a daily or nightly basis. However, these failures don’t have to define the customer experience. In fact, they often can be used to build a stronger customer relationship and even drive additional revenue. Bob Rippel, Chief Learning Officer of RJ Learning Group will teach you practical steps on how to focus not on the failure, but on your ability to rebuild trust with your customers by taking a proactive, empathetic and focused attitude towards the issue, and the overall customer experience. > More

Benchmarking Your Company: TMSA 2019 Sales & Marketing Metrics Review
TMSA will be releasing its fourth annual Sales & Marketing Metrics Study. The study results are derived from a survey of sales and marketing leaders in the industry. Survey participants included truckload and LTL carriers, 3PLs, freight forwarders and brokers, dedicated carriers, and ocean carriers. The insightful presentation will provide insights on how firms in our industry compare to frequently used sales and marketing metrics, and highlight best practices in the industry's marketing and sales organizations, budgets, etc. This session also will help you to build the business case for not only stronger marketing and sales investment but also in your company's potential CX strategy. > More

The Customer Journey Begins with the RFP
Request for Proposals (RFPs) are a necessary evil in the transportation industry. Join John Golob, Chief Marketing Officer of Winmore, the bid management software designed exclusively for the domestic freight market, as he presents four reasons why you as transportation marketers should proactively own the RFP response and qualification process. > More

Omni-Channel Support: How to Create a Seamless Customer Experience
Customers and prospects want to speak to you where and how they like to communicate. Yet, not everyone is the same. What does that mean for your sales and customer support teams? How do you know where to reach them? Having a successful live chat or quick response time on social media is not enough. Omni-channel support extends far beyond just utilizing multiple channels. You need to have the ability to transfer knowledge through team members and departments. Learn how to cater communication to different demographics and generations and establish the best customer experience in your support channels. > More

Driver Recruitment to Brand Advocacy: How to Reach, Keep and Engage Today's Drivers
About 51,000 more drivers are needed in the U.S. marketplace to meet the demand from such companies as Amazon and Walmart that are shipping more goods across the country. The shortage of professional drivers is already leading to delayed deliveries and higher prices for goods that Americans buy. Unfortunately, according to industry analysts there's no end in sight. Attend this presentation to explore modern communications methodologies to reach, engage and inspire today's connected generation of potential and current drivers. > More 

CX Panel Perspectives
The last few years have seen an appreciable increase in the attention paid to the customer experience (CX). However, much of this focus has been in B2C markets. Unfortunately, the same is not true in B2B, where CX performance still lags compared to other markets and struggles for attention against myriad other corporate priorities. But there are some brands in transportation and logistics that are making it their business to take CX seriously. During this panel discussion, hear from representatives from these companies how they’re leveraging CX to make an impact on their business results in customer acquisition, retention and growth. > More

Meet the Press: Logistics Industry Editor Panel
While most marketers are obsessed about how to reach and engage their company’s customers, they are also, in fact, customers themselves. Marketing decision-makers invest precious budget dollars on the strategies, methods, channels, sources and partners where they can achieve their growth objectives. By placing “marketers as the customer” front and center, this session will explore how leading media partners (both editors and publishers) can develop customer experiences that matter to the marketing decision-maker as well as the ultimate buyer on the receiving end of content and campaigns. > More

Leveraging Technology to Create Great Customer Experience
In the last decade, many companies have embarked on a journey to shift the focus of the culture of their organization from company focused to customer focused and for good reason. Successful organizations have learned that creating a unified customer-centric approach is key to growth, profitability and a strong reputation in the marketplace. In this discussion, Jesse LaDousa will outline strategies and approaches to leverage technology to help further the goals of this journey. From centralizing data in disparate systems to utilizing visualizations to track progress and proactively identify issues, technology solutions can enable the organization to work towards common goals utilizing a single source of truth. > More

Enabling Your People to Deliver Great Customer Experience 
Research from Salesforce tells us 75% of people expect a consistent experience with engagement with brands, regardless of mode. From messaging to behaviors of your sales and account management teams, consistency is key. Holly LaBoda and Sara Warden of Luminaries Consulting will leverage the key drivers of your organization’s ideal CX and help you identify the knowledge, skills and abilities needed from your employees to deliver them, enabling you to positively impact your customers’ experience, your brand image and your bottom line. You will gain practical insights on correlating employee behavior to customer experience and begin identifying the key drivers for your organization, along with considerations for designing your employee experience to facilitate these goals. > More

The Customer Experience: What's Next?
Change is here. It feels like we’re already late. From digital marketing, public relations, sales, content and the technology – what should we do next? In this closing session, best-selling author and content marketing/CX expert Robert Rose will take us through some examples of companies who have implemented new customer experience strategies, and present an action plan of how you can take all the things you’ve learned and begin to take some of the first steps toward making these changes real in your business. > More

Gaining Access: Break Through the Clutter with Compelling Messages and Techniques
If you’ve ever agonized over the perfect message only to receive no response, you’re not alone. It takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a buyer, and only 24% of sales emails are ever opened. This session will teach you how to develop new techniques to gain access to customers regardless of mode of communication; deliver a compelling message that gets responses; and improve response rates upon initial contact with prospects. Learn to identify highest potential leads (effective qualifying techniques); leverage social media and other resources to turn a prospect into a warm lead; and create a compelling message to differentiate yourself via phone, voicemail, email. > More

Selling Beyond Price: Leveraging an Effective Value Proposition
After this session, you’ll be able to mitigate price objections; demonstrate value to customers by leveraging a compelling value proposition; and close deals faster by navigating objections and shifting customer focus to value. Whether you’re targeting a new client, expanding or seeking to maintain current business, demonstrating value is crucial. This session will prepare salespeople to better address price objections by shifting discussions to value (not price). Learn how to create a compelling value proposition for your product or service; communicate a compelling value proposition; and navigate and respond to objections. > More

Pipeline Management: Growing a Book of Business
Capturing new accounts is a top goal for many organizations — yet for some, revenue from new customers averages only 30% of total revenues. On the other hand, sales cycles for existing customers are about half the length of new business, making them a smart focus. Attend this session and you’ll be able to strike the right balance between new customer acquisition and existing customer expansion & retention;  evaluate your customer portfolio to identify highest growth potential; identify a strategy to diversify revenue streams; and focus on developing a productive and growing sales pipeline and customer portfolio. It will help you evaluate your portfolio and put in place successful growth strategies with increased wallet share from customers. We’ll explore how you can leverage a customer segmentation model, develop a growth strategy, and ensure you spend your time on the right activities to achieve customer growth. > More

Sales Coaching & Enablement: Developing the “A” Team
Selling in today’s environment is harder than ever, and sales people must constantly evolve to see success. The sales leader plays a key role in developing their team, yet just 38% of salespeople report their manager helps them develop the skills they need for their role today, and even less for the future. Increase your effectiveness as a sales leader for coaching your sales team in the field; continuously develop the skills of your team; and decrease sales cycle time with a stronger, more effective team. This session will prepare you to put coaching strategies in place coach employees through the sales gates; put team and individual development plans in place to heighten skills and knowledge; and monitor employee milestone & metrics that matter most. > More

Build versus Buy? Increasing Sales Effectiveness with Your Organization’s Learning and Development Program
Feeling pressure to scale revenue, today’s sales leaders are taking stock of available resources, ascertaining their internal capabilities to create and deliver a sales learning and development program. Leaders are balancing this with the option to outsource all or part of their formal sales training, while recognizing the impact smart training can have. For example, according to a recent study by CSO Insights, effective sales onboarding can improve quota attainment by 16%; speed up the ramp-time to full productivity by 18%; and decrease your voluntary turnover rate from 14% to 8%. After this panel discussion, you’ll be able to gauge the value of an effective sales learning and development program; understand the key elements that a program should have; and weigh the pros and cons of a ‘build vs. buy’ strategy for sales development. > More

Fireside Chat with TMSA Marketing & Sales Executives of the Year
What does it take for marketing and sales executive in transportation and logistics to maximize business and career success? Be part of this provocative, inspiring conversation with Justin Hall, Chief Customer Officer at YRC Worldwide and Greg Recht, Vice President of Integrated Sales for Kenco, both of whom are TMSA’s 2019 Marketing and Sales Executives of the Year. They’ll share their personal stories and perspectives on major career milestones and turning points, ways to create new innovative opportunities in this industry, and practical advice on how to create the most out of your career. > More

Interactive Discussion Groups
During lunch both Monday and Tuesday, participate in an interactive roundtable discussion on a topic of your choice. These “working lunches” are facilitated conversations that encourage the sharing of ideas, business best practices, and discussion among your industry colleagues with interests in a common subject. Topics include strategic planning, budgeting, marketing and sales automation, CRM systems, content marketing, digital marketing, the use of video, branding, media relations/PR, advertising, research, CX, employee communications, and more! > More

TMSA Speed Networking
Connect with other engaged professionals in this fun, fast round-robin networking format, before the conference begins. It’s designed to maximize your connections throughout the conference and make your networking more meaningful. What will you get out of this session? Increase your professional network, find that perfect service partner, or even make connections that could help you in your job. You never know who you’ll meet or how they might impact your career. Each “round” possibly could be the best 3-minute meeting you’ll ever have! > More

2019 TMSA Recognition & Compass Awards Program
This formal event will recognize the TMSA Marketing and Sales Executives of the Year, Volunteers of the Year, and Compass Awards recipients. During the program, you'll also have the opportunity to see several individual marketing, communications, and sales initiatives that have successfully generated business results for transportation and logistics companies throughout North America. > More

Integrated Expo: Find Valuable Resources
The TMSA Expo brings you a multitude of potential partners who can offer you value through their industry trade media; marketing- and sales-related solutions: marketing, PR and advertising services; digital marketing and graphic design services; CRM, marketing and sales automation; sales consulting and training; event strategy, exhibit design and execution; print services; custom branded products; credit insurance and financial services; driver support services; and more. While you’re networking, make sure to have the exhibitors sign your TMSA Game Card for a chance to win valuable prizes!