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Candi CybatorCandi Cybator, Manager Marketing/PR, PITT OHIO

"Do it with passion or not at all." This quote exemplifies how Candi lives her life. Anyone who spends time with her quickly will experience her passion, energy and creativity she brings to anything she does.

For example, Candi has been serving on the TMSA Board of Directors for the past four years and has quickly rose through the leadership ranks to currently be serving as a TMSA Officer as the Vice President of Content and Strategy. She also is a previous Chairwoman of the TMSA Membership Committee.

What's her keys to her success? "First, you need to be self-motivated to do what you believe in and keep pushing for it," says Candi. "There will be days that someone may tell you 'no' but it could be because the time isn’t right. But if you believe it and you are self-motivated to see it through, you will be surprised at what you eventually make happen. Second, having a strong work ethic is important. Giving that 'little extra more' means a lot and gets you the results that you want.
"Lastly, have a positive attitude," she continues. "Having a 'glass half full' mentality is the key to success not just professionally in your career but overall in your life. There have been times when things did not turn out how I may have wanted them too personally or professionally, but determining how you are going to handle that situation is key. You could complain or blame - which really doesn’t produce any results. Or you can push through and stay positive and determine how to overcome that challenge or situation. In the end, pushing through and staying positive is much better way to live."

Wise words from an accomplished TMSA leader!

Additional insights from Candi Cybator regarding her leadership role in TMSA:

"I am proud to be part of an organization like TMSA whose primary role is to help educate the transportation industry on the best in sales and marketing practices as well as recognize great marketing efforts that happen in this industry. I really enjoy being part of the board as well as the executive team and helping to put strategies together that continually create value with our membership group and help to grow the membership so that the organization continues to thrive and be the great support system to sales and marketing professionals in transportation. I love being part of TMSA because I have been able to meet some wonderful people who I have been able to not only learn from but also hopefully help mentor those who may be new to the industry. This is a responsibility I take seriously and that to me is the biggest achievement and gift you get out of being in an organization like this. It has helped me in so many ways personally and professionally."

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