TMSA Champions

Lori Miller, CEO, Exhibitpro 

Lori Miller serves as an affiliate member of TMSA, and she has recently become a sponsor of the annual TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference. Miller brings a skillful and brilliant perspective to TMSA because of her years of experience in strategic event development, execution and logistics.

Based out of New Albany, Ohio, Lori Miller serves as the CEO of Exhibitpro, a full-service event and exhibit company that specializes in face-to-face marketing. She and her husband founded Exhibitpro in 1991 and have since gained more than 25 years of comprehensive and invaluable experience. Together, they manage and implement event and exhibit marketing across many different trades. By continuing to be accessible to all trades and professions, Miller and the Exhibitpro team listen to their customers and create strategies that align well with the customers’ target message. She notes that this approach has incited her love for learning how people want to market themselves and tell their story. The second piece of advice Miller attributes her success to is thinking of her company as if it’s a person and deciding how to handle things based on what’s best for it. Understanding the importance of focusing on the needs of both the client and the business can be essential in building relationships and establishing a reputation. 

Currently serving as an affiliate member and partner of the annual conference, Miller has found her perfect niche with TMSA by becoming the official exhibit services partner of the 2018 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference. Previously, she was named the 2017 TMSA Affiliate Member of the Year for her leadership in securing a key sponsorship for TMSA, which showcased Compass Award winners in 2016 and 2017. As someone who is very familiar with the annual conference, Miller’s greatest advice to members of TMSA is to attend and participate fully in learning sessions, discussions and presentations. She said that members can “win” from the information and many opportunities afforded to them at the conference. Miller stresses the importance of networking and volunteering throughout the company to soak up as much knowledge as possible. 

Outside of marketing, Miller’s greatest passion in life is her family and being a mother. Her experience as a mom has had a tremendous effect on her desire to engage and understand people. She enjoys figuring out the individualistic characteristics of anyone she meets. 

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