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Why Enter the TMSA Compass Awards Program?

Averitt Express is a leading provider of freight transportation and supply chain management with international reach to more than 100 countries, and has been a regular entrant in this awards program. "The TMSA Compass Awards program is a great way for Averitt to benchmark our creativity and results against the best in the industry," says Brad Brown, Marketing Manager for Averitt. "The recognition also provides us with an opportunity to recognize and honor the thinking and effort of everyone involved with the campaign we entered."

LeSaint Logistics is a nationally recognized logistics provider delivering warehousing storage, inventory control, transportation and technology solutions. LeSaint also has been a multi-award winner in the Compass Awards Program for the past 5 years. "Winning a TMSA Compass Award means so much to me and LeSaint," says Jodi Cape, Marketing Manager for LeSaint Logistics. "We find ourselves thinking we'll never compete with bigger companies since we have a quarter of the budget to work with. But as long as we are able to put together a detailed plan, make adjustments as needed, we can do the same things as those bigger companies and accomplish the same goals. Each year we take pride on benchmarking our marketing efforts by submitting Compass entries."

“At VPL, we pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve in everything we do, from our advanced technology offerings to our marketing initiatives," says Don Carroll, VP of Business Development, VPL. "The TMSA Compass Awards provide us with the opportunity to benchmark our sales and marketing efforts against the best in the industry, and encourage us to continue to revolutionize the way in which we communicate with our customers.” 

"TMSA's recognition of the impactful work we've created on behalf of transportation-based clients is very meaningful," says Eric Kogelschatz, Chief Strategy Officer, shark&minnow. "It acknowledges our expertise in the industry and celebrates our commitment to work that works for our Clients."

 “We put a lot of hard work into our sales and marketing campaigns. We are so proud to have received Awards of Excellence in past years knowing they are judged by our peers who are leading professionals in marketing and sales in the transportation industry," says Carleen Herndon, Management, Sales & Member Services of the Women In Trucking Association. "We’ll be entering again this year!”

What are additional reasons to enter the TMSA Compass Awards Program? Besides benchmarking your work against others and showcasing your brightest ideas and most effective marketing and sales solutions, you receive recognition from your industry peers and receive valuable feedback from professionals who judge your work. For details on how to enter, preparing your entries, and valuable resources that will help you prepare award-winning entries, click here.