Regional Connections Seminars

ConnectionsGain an understanding of the State of the Commercial Freight Industry. This market intelligence will include key performance indicators of over-the-road trucking, rail/intermodal, and international shipping - including challenges such as capacity, driver shortage, infrastructure, and others. 

Understand "The Buyer's Journey" concept in strategy development and implementation. TMSA will provide you a comprehensive insight into this concept that applies to your prospects and customers, drivers, potential employees, etc. This session also will provide you with practical ideas that will ultimately aid you in developing strategies that will help them to navigate their journey in your favor!

See 30+ industry best practices in marketing and sales by leading companies such as YRCW, Crowley Maritime, Saddle Creek Logistics Services, PITT OHIO, LeSaint Logistics, and the Women In Trucking Association, to name a few.

Build your network among sales, marketing & communications executives in your industry. Network with your peers through facilitated Speed Networking Activities and Interactive Roundtable Discussions. 

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