Digital Transformation Conference

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Sessions and Networking Events

Keynote: "Togetherness: Aligning Sales and Digital Marketing for Growth"
Achieving growth in B2B has become harder. The way the modern buyer buys has fundamentally changed. They are digitally driven, socially connected, mobile, and empowered, with nearly unlimited access to information and people. They aren’t interested in hearing about your features and benefits. They are looking for a trusted advisor to help them solve their business challenges.

To win in B2B today your organization must provide an amazing customer experience that helps buyers clarify their business challenges, explore what solutions are the best fit for their unique business, and facilitate them navigating their internal decision-making process to reach consensus. The only way to achieve success in today’s challenging B2B business landscape is for sales and marketing to align forces and build a Revenue Engine that addresses all the needs of the modern buyer. Attendees will leave the presentation transformed by understanding:

  • The true cost of misalignment between sales and marketing
  • Why conflict between these two teams still exists
  • How to sell to the modern B2B buyer
  • The Three Pillars of Alignment Transformation framework

About the Keynote: Jeff Davis is a marketer with the soul of a sales guy and helps B2B leaders in transportation and logistics to align their marketing and sales teams to build a Revenue Engine that turns buyers into customers. Having worked in both marketing and sales for 15+ years, he's truly passionate about both and intimately understands how much they need each other to succeed dealing with today’s complex sales process. Because misalignment between marketing and sales costs B2B companies 10% of revenue or more per year, his goal is to help companies learn how to meet the needs of the modern buyer - particularly in a new digital world. Davis was the keynote speaker at the 2018 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference. 

*Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Jeff Davis' new book "Create Togetherness," and Jeff will be available for book signing onsite.


Digital Trends & Insights: "2020 TMSA Marketing & Sales Metrics Study"
TMSA will be releasing its fourth annual Marketing & Sales Metrics Study. The study results are derived from a survey of marketing and sales leaders, and survey participants included truckload and LTL carriers, 3PLs, freight forwarders and brokers, dedicated carriers, and ocean carriers. During this insightful presentation, TMSA's CEO Brian Everett will:

  • Provide metrics on average budget sizes, marketing budget allocation, staff sizes, practices in marketing automation, and ability to track return on investment (ROI) on digital advertising, content marketing, website/SEO, email marketing, and CRM/marketing automation
  • Cover how firms in our industry compare to frequently used digital marketing metrics, ranging from use of social media to average email open and click rates, search ad click rates and PPC
  • Highlight best practices in the industry’s digital marketing efforts
Top 5 Google Insider Strategies For Boosting Qualified Leads 

Break through the clutter of digital marketing and learn the Top 5 most important strategies to boost qualified leads through Google marketing. Having completed over 300 Google marketing initiatives, Nathan Misirian will interpret how Google’s algorithms read and rank your site, show you where to make changes, and illustrate this through industry examples of best practice search marketing tactics. This seminar will set you on a clear and focused path to boost your website’s ranking and increase qualified leads. 

General Session: Best Practices in Digital Marketing
Hear from marketing practitioners from leading transportation companies how they have successfully incorporated digital marketing strategies into their overall initiatives to ultimately drive business success for their companies. This session will highlight three award-winning marketing initiatives that successfully incorporated digital tactics to generate results.  

Best Practices Review
Learn what other companies in commercial freight transportation and logistics are doing to leverage digital marketing and sales strategy to generate business results. See first-hand nearly 20 sales and marketing initiatives that incorporated digital strategies from companies that earned the 2019 TMSA Compass Award, including:

  • Vantage Point Logistics: "Making Ourselves Known" Content Marketing Campaign
  • Dot Transportation: "Honoring Veterans" Content Marketing Strategy
  • PITT OHIO Goes Viral with Social Media 
  • Holland Dock to Driver Video (part of YRCW Family of Brands)
  • Trimble Transportation: "Selling Simplicity" (New Product Development)
  • Energy Transportation's "Brand Evolution"
  • "Profit this Peak Season Campaign" ( Integrated Campaign)
  • Port of Cleveland: "Rock the Port" (shark&minnow)
  • "Building New Connections" (Trimble Transportation Integrated Campaign)
  • Ruan Transportation Management Systems's Founder's Days (Events)
  • Anacostia Rail Holdings Business Development Videos
  • Canada Cartage Grows Logistics Solutions Division through Direct Marketing
  • "Hitting a Home Run" Sales & Marketing Collaborated Effort (Trimble Transportation)
  • Women In Trucking Association: Accelerate! Conference Propels Gender Diversity
  • Vantage Point Logistics "Reinventing Freight Management" Integrated Campaign
  • "Innovative Tech" by Trimble Transportation (New Product Development)
  • The Great Lakes Seaway Partnership: Economic Impacts Media Relations (shark&minnow)
  • Straight to the Customer: Vantage Point Logistics Direct Marketing Campaign 
  • "Redefining" the Women In Trucking Association's Magazine


Workshop: Digital Marketing in Transportation
The transportation and logistics industry is in a current state of rapid change, thanks largely to the evolution of technology. In fact, market research confirms that a salesperson oftentimes doesn't engage with a customer until they are more than 70% of the way through the evaluation process! Today's most successful marketing practitioners are heavily focused on leveraging digital marketing - including inbound marketing. Led by Mike McDonald EVP Sales & Marketing and Nadine Nocero-Tye, Vice President of SyncShow, a digital marketing agency specializing in transportation, this workshop will provide you practical advice on how to:

  • Develop a solid strategic messaging/content strategy you need to know who you're speaking with. Learn the art and science of creating well-defined buyer personas that serve as the foundation of content and inbound strategies. 
  • Ensure internal processes for content creation and distribution (including relevant content on your website)
  • Measure key metrics (website sessions, leads, lead conversion rate, etc.), reporting relevant results to your team and management, and continuous improvement

Peer Networking Opportunities:

Interactive Roundtable Discussion Groups
Choose the most relevant topic to your position and career, and share ideas, challenges, solutions and best practices among your peers. Topics include:

  • Website Strategy and SEO
  • Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies through Digital
  • The Digitalization of Sales
  • Getting the Most from Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Tips and Tricks for Successful Videos & Podcasts
  • Email is Not Dead: Hacks to Optimize Your Campaigns

Speed Networking
Connect with other marketing professionals in this fun, fast round-robin format at the start of the conference. This networking event will maximize your connections throughout the conference and make your networking more meaningful. Increase your network, find that perfect service partner, or make connections that could help you in your job. You never know who you’ll meet or how they might impact your career.

TMSA Networking Reception

This hosted reception will provide you with the opportunity to build your industry peer network in a social setting immediately following the TMSA Digital Transformation Conference. It's an enjoyable way to build relationships before going out to dinner with your new-found industry friends. Following the networking reception, conference attendees then have the option of going out to dinner the evening of Oct. 22 at a restaurant that is within walking distance of the hotel.