2019 Digital Transformation Conference Highlights

More than 50 marketing and business strategists gathered in Oak Brook, IL on October 22 to learn how to leverage digital strategies to achieve business goals and revenue growth.

Keynote Jeff Davis shared how digital purchasing cycles have dramatically changed in just the last 12 months in transportation and logistics. Did you know: Sales reps ignore 80% of marketing generated leads, says Davis, author of “Create Togetherness.” The cost in productivity and resources is tremendous to transportation companies.

Nathan Misirian unpacks Google’s algorithms to be able to understand how to get your company’s website in a top SEO slot, including strategically using title and description tags, and integrating keywords in navigation.

Jodi Cape, Marketing Manager at LeSaint Logistics, explains the importance of experimenting with different formats in their email nurture campaign.

Social engagement drives website success. In fact, 76% of new website visitors at PITT OHIO come from social media, says Candi Cybator of PITT OHIO.

Video case studies push forward the buying decision with transparency and legitimacy, says Julian Tillotson of Indirap Productions.

Digital strategy experts at SyncShow explain the importance of building buyer personas and their buyer journey.

Additionally, TMSA held a Transportation Sales Training workshop the day prior. Industry sales reps learned about how to more effectively generate qualified leads, shorten the sales cycle, and ultimately generate revenue.