2021 Webinar

Embrace Technology to be Prepared for the Next 5 Years!

Tuesday, October 26 • 12:00pm - 1:00pm Central

The term automation is thrown around a lot, not just in our industry but everywhere.​ As we know, there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion about what automation is.

Due to this, trying to understand how to apply this technology solution to our industry presents a hassle.

During our webinar, we will provide a simple, yet clear explanation of automation. We will go through the most common misconceptions and questions we have received since we started working with automation, and then share a real-life case study, showing how to apply automation to the Supply Chain Industry by automating the freight quoting process.


  • What is automation and what can be automated in general ​
  • What disruptive technologies exist connected to automation ​
  • How leaders are using automation to improve their employees' satisfaction and productivity ​
  • The top 3 processes that can be automated ​
  • Case Study 

Our webinar will aim to help companies have a better understanding of how automation technologies can help to increase your company’s productivity and accuracy. 

It is an open, non-technical, high-level webinar where you will learn from an expert how to embrace technology to be prepared for the next 5 years!



Presented by:


Dan Hellmann, Chief Sales Officer at Hubtek



Scott Hadley, Vice President of Business Strategy at Hubtek