TMSA Calendar of Events

Connections EventTMSA hosts many educational and networking events throughout the year - bringing together marketing, sales and business strategy professionals the opportunity to learn about and advance the industry while ultimately strengthening their individual development, their businesses, and the industry at large. Many of these events are live, face-to-face meetings while others are virtual and can be attended in the comfort of your own office.

TMSA also participates at various industry events - oftentimes hosting sessions and providing content and networking to attendees at those events as well. Here is a list of upcoming events:

Strategic Interest Group: Earned Media Strategy
Thursday, January 14 • 4:00pm–5:00pm Central
Join a discussion with your peers on how to collaborate with editors, publishes, reporters and sales staff to understand their audience needs and the editorial calendar, how to pitch your subject matter expertise and what the editorial team needs from you, and the various channels in which you can have a presence. 

Strategic Interest Group: Media Relationships 101, 201 & 301
February 11 • 4:00pm–5:00pm Central
When it comes to effective media relations, treat your editors more like your customers. But the needs of each editor and each supply chain media channel are different. So where do you draw the fine line between being a helpful, productive resource to them and becoming annoying? This session will give you ample ideas on how to ensure you do not cross that line. The group also will be asking the critical question: To what degree is it important to be a paying advertiser when building your media relationships?

Strategic Interest Group: Earn Credibility with Expert Content

March 11 • 4:00pm–5:00pm Central
When it comes to professional PR/earned media strategy, it’s imperative you view your content and positioning as education rather than commercial or promotional. But what does this actually mean? During this session, we’ll be covering the importance of “just the facts,” how to pitch your subject matter experts, and how to best determine if an initiative should ultimately be a news release, a bylined story, or an overall story pitch.

Logistics Sales Academy: “Accelerating Virtual Sales Success”


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