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2018 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference

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Gamification: Maximizing CRM Success through Employee Engagement
Getting users on board with your CRM integration and employing best practices can feel like pulling teeth. Yet without full CRM user adoption the benefits that the system can bring to the business are not realized, creating an unaligned, unorganized system.

Why is it that so many of the essential tasks of business are also the most tedious, repetitive, and boring? The more monotonous and dull these tasks are, the less engaged and efficient employees become. When game-like design concepts are incorporated into a CRM solution, however, things change. Can a “gamified” CRM be used to improve sales processes, drive employee performance, align interoffice communication and strategy, boost motivation, and improve revenue? This session will educate you on the following:

  • Define gamification and its applications
  • Ways to touch base on user adoption struggles
  • How gamification for your CRM user adoption gives you the most from your software

About the Presenter: Jason Green is an expert and thought leader in CRM with more than a decade of experience architecting and delivering implementations for companies across a variety of industries. He became deeply interested in Open Source CRM when he worked as an early employee at SugarCRM, Inc. During his time at Sugar, he architected and built both the workflow engine and enterprise reporting tool. Since 2007, as founder and Managing Director, Green has been at the helm of Intelestream, Inc., a SugarCRM consulting and product development firm based in Chicago.