2019 TMSA Webinar

"Tips on How to Incorporate Powerful Video that Generates Results"


The Buyer’s Journey is radically changing as more information gathering and decision-making is driven by virtual marketing, social media, and other channels. In response to this changing business landscape, use of video is becoming one of the newest and most impactful tools for marketing, sales and business professionals in transportation and logistics. 

Most B2B organizations recognize that video needs to have a place in their marketing strategies. Figuring out what type of videos to produce and how to cost effectivity produce them is a challenge.

Rob Puleo has 20+ years producing broadcast, non-broadcast, and integrated media solutions for corporate, industrial, and non-profit organizations – many of them in transportation and logistics. He’s spent over 10 years in a Fortune 100 environment as an executive producer and manager of video operations. Puleo will share practical advice on the rational of why to use video, what types of video content should you produce, and tips on enterprise planning and production applicable for any size organization.

About the Presenter: Rob Puleo is a freelance professional communicator focused on designing solutions that inform, engage and activate audiences. 

He is a 13-time Telly Award winner and a member of the Telly Silver Council, which judges the very best local, regional, cable, video, film and web productions from around the world. With production experience in nearly all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Europe Puleo has producer and director credits that include McDonald’s, ESPN, The Cleveland Browns, & many others. In 2005 AV Multimedia Producer Magazine named Puleo one of the Top 30 corporate producers in the nation.

He is currently the principal and creative director of Tightrope Media Group, LLC. Tightrope is a one-stop virtual job shop for companies and agencies that do not have dedicated in-house media resources.