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What's Needed Before Considering Marketing Automation Software

By Zen Newman, Partner Program Manager, PipelineDeals

The logistics industry has long struggled with a lack of process in their sales efforts. By not defining the steps they go through to bring clients on board, companies in the industry are letting opportunities drop through the cracks and leaving their customer base vulnerable to predation by competitors.

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TMSA Members Named Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

When you make the “Inc. 5000” list, your company has been proven worthy of entrepreneurial success, leadership and innovation. The Inc. 5000's aggregate revenue is $206 billion, and the companies on the list collectively generated 619,500 jobs over the past three years. Recently announced, there are nearly 150 companies in the logistics and transportation sector whose creativity propelled them to the top of the list in 2017. This is the 36th annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing, private companies.

One TMSA member, MacroPoint, was ranked 567 on the list. “MacroPoint’s success is due to the hard work of our talented employees, who strive daily to bring freight visibility to the global supply chain,” says Bennett Adelson, CEO of MacroPoint. “Our patented freight tracking platform provides shippers, carriers and third-party logistics providers with real-time updates and predictive analytics on every load. We are committed to providing disruptive supply chain innovation to the world’s leading transportation companies.”

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Developing a Company Culture of Innovation

About the Author: Ricardo Roman is the Director of Association Management with Caliper, an employee assessment and development firm located in Princeton, NJ. Caliper is an Affiliate member of TMSA. 

Technological advances have forced businesses to adapt on the fly in recent years, but it’s fair to say the transport and logistics industry has been challenged more than any other. Continuous reinvention is not an option in this field; it’s a necessity.

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Looking to Help? Opportunities to Respond to Texas Hurricane Disaster

The effects of Hurricane Harvey have been devastating to southeast Texas as it made landfall along the gulf coast and produced significant rainfall and record flooding. TMSA and our members support the American Logistics Aid Network - an active member and partner of our association that has the mission of supporting disaster recovery by engaging industry to address the unmet needs of relief organizations, communities, and people. 

Latest Updates from ALAN
TMSA's CEO, Brian Everett, was asked to join a meeting this morning (Thursday) with Robert Glenn of FEMA Private Sector; ALAN representatives; the Texas Trucking Association; and other partners that support ALAN's mission. The American Logistics Aid Network briefing included:

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Lessons Learned from Tropical Storm Harvey: 7 Steps in Crisis Communications Planning

TMSA members and other transportation companies are scrambling to reroute cargo and set up alternate supply lines as Tropical Storm Harvey pummels southeast Texas with even more flooding over the coming days. The ports in Houston and Corpus Christi remain closed to most ships and rising waters threaten highways and railroad track lines - bringing the distribution of vital goods, including food stuffs and water and the region’s foundation energy products to a virtual standstill. 

The impact on commercial freight transportation runs from trucking companies and couriers to railroads and big shipping lines, and one analyst says the storm has affected up to 10% of the nation’s trucking capacity. In fact, economist Noel Perry says shipping costs will likely increase across a wide area far from Houston, based on the market’s response to previous natural disasters. 

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Content Success: How FedEx Delivers a Better Customer Experience

Note: Drew Bailey, a TMSA member, is a finalist for 2017 Content Marketer of the Year (and the winner is announced at Content Marketing World this September). This content was developed in part by CMI, and is published with permission by CMI and the author, Andrea Fryrear. 

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5 Essential Skills to Effectively Sell in Today's Market

Content contributed by Colin Longren, VP of Global Sales with The Millau Group Global and Bob Rippel, Sales Performance Consultant with RJ Learning Group. If you like this article, view the TMSA On-Demand Webinar, “Identifying Buyers in the Supply Chain.” This webinar will help you to better understand how selling transportation and logistics has changed, how to better know and understand your buyer personas, and ultimately how to effectively sell to key decision-makers. 

Selling transportation and logistics has changed significantly from that of even five years ago. Today you need five essential skills:

  1. Be a valuable source of knowledge. You now need to focus on educating prospects with new ideas and perspectives, and off relevant, valuable content and information that they haven’t come across through their online search.
  2. Collaborate with your customers and prospects. As a sales professional, you are no longer in control – buyers are. They want to work with you to co-create value and develop solutions, so make sure to include them in the process.
  3. Communicate your ideas in a clear, credible, persuasive way. Paint a picture that helps buyers to visualize how they’ll benefit from your products and how they’ll yield an ROI.
  4. Listen, and strive for two-way dialogue. It’s all about the customer or prospect – NOT about what you have to offer. Actively listen and truly understand needs, pain points, and business goals. Learn to ask more engaging questions that allow you to dig deeper into their situation – and follow up in ways that demonstrate you were listening to them.
  5. Lastly, be empathetic. Buyers purchase from sales professionals they like – so do what you can to connect with them on a personal level. Even if you clearly have the best solution and/or price, you could still lose the deal by alienating a customer with a “been there, done that” attitude.

Practical Tips to Leverage LinkedIn for Success

TMSA Affiliiate member John Boyens is no stranger in helping his clients to be more successful in their business strategy and development. In fact, he's also been the lead presenter at two TMSA Seminars last year to help small- and medium-sized business executives to enhance their overall business success through various strategies. One of these strategies is to leverage LinkedIn to qualify leads and warm up dialogue with prospects. 

Boyens also presented a TMSA webinar, "Never Cold Call Again: LinkedIn Prospecting Secrets," where he taught members how to create and optimize their LinkedIn profile, what to do when they receive (or send) an invitation, how to effectively manage your contacts, and how to behave with your LinkedIn network for results. Click here to view TMSA's On-Demand Webinar: "Never Cold Call Again" (free to TMSA members).

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Buzzwords Underscore Changing Marketing Landscape

By Brian Everett, ABC, Chief Executive Officer, Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

As I have conversations with TMSA members and learn about their challenges and opportunities, it continuously remains clear that the buzzwords that surface during those chats underscore that marketing is an ever-changing landscape. 

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8 Common LinkedIn Mistakes in Sales Networking

Earlier this year during a webinar, John Boyens of Boyens Group provided practical advice to TMSA members on how to leverage the power of their LinkedIn networks to generate qualified leads and nurture discussions that can lead to new opportunities. Here are a few highlights from this webinar.

> Click here to view the full webinar on-demand.

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Reflecting on the TMSA Conference and New Progress Being Made

By Scott Grady, SVP, Automotive Solutions, Landstar Transportation and TMSA Chairman

We are pleased to report that the 2017 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference (themed “The Buyer’s Journey”) was a success. More than 40% attending the conference provided feedback on their evaluation of the event - and an overwhelming response rate (98%) from those who attended stated the conference met or exceeded their expectations!

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Silver Sales Bullet: Match Your Selling Style to Customers' Buying Styles

Recently during an educational TMSA webinar, Joel McGinley of TranStrategy Partners provided practical advice to members on how to understand buying styles as it relates to the DISC approach. This information can then be used in your sales initiatives, business relationships, and more! Here are a few highlights from this webinar.

> Click here to view the full webinar on-demand.

Four buying styles are based on the DISC behavioral model, and they control how we like to communicate and be communicated with. They also can help you to determine how customers prefer to make purchasing decisions, and the speed with which they prefer to make them. You should match your “selling style” to their “buying style.” Look for clues in the buying style of your prospects and customers, and adjust your selling style to match their buying style. You’ll be amazed at the results!

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Consultative + Strategic Selling

By Ricardo Roman, Director of Association Manager for Caliper, an employee-assessment and talent-management-solutions company that helps businesses align talent with strategy; hire better people faster; and develop leaders, teams, and mission-critical employees. This is the final part of a 3-part series based upon discussions on "Effective Sales Practices to Improve Your Performance" Roman facilitated during the recent 2017 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference.

Previously in this series we introduced the concept of competitive positioning and discussed why it’s important to align your company’s strategy with the right sales model. We looked deeply at the New Business Development model in conjunction with an operational-efficiency strategy. Now, let’s look at two other models, Consultative Selling and Strategic Selling, and explore how they align with a customer-intimacy strategy and an innovation strategy respectively. 

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9 Things to Deliver in a Strategic Planning Process

By Mike Brown, Brainzooming, past TMSA Logistics Conference keynote and TMSA member.

What can you expect from a "strategic planning process?" That question was the topic of several recent conversations.

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What Do You Actually Need from your Sales Force?

By Rick Roman, Director of Association Management, Caliper Corp. Caliper consults with executives on hiring, employee development, team building, executive coaching succession planning and organizational performance. Roman facilitated an Interactive Roundtable Discussion Group at the 2017 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference, "Effective Sales to Improve Your Performance." This is the second installment of a three-part series that outlines his primary observations from these discussion groups.

The first article in this series discussed the increasing complexity of the business environment and the corresponding impact that change has had on the sales field. We have seen three separate job models emerge in response to changing expectations between vendors and customers. This second article will take a deeper look at one of those models, New Business Development, and how a company’s unique competitive position affects which model is right for them.

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How Can Marketing Automation Help your Business Thrive?

This is the first article in a series on how marketing automation can help you business grow and thrive. Guest author is Jill Schmieg, founder and chief strategist at Sol de Naples Marketing, a marketing services firm specializing in helping B2B companies find brighter ways to reach their markets. Learn more at

With more than half of B2B marketers using some form of marketing automation, it is astonishing that 85% of them feel they’re not using it to its fullest potential. (Source: EmailMonday and SiriusDecisions)

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What's the Best Sales Model for Your Company?

By Rick Roman, Director of Association Management, Caliper Corp. Caliper consults with executives on hiring, employee development, team building, executive coaching succession planning and organizational performance. Roman facilitated an Interactive Roundtable Discussion Group at the recent TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference in early June. The topic? Effective Sales to Improve Your Performance. This is the first installment of a three-part series that outlines his primary observations from these discussion groups.

To say that the business environment is growing more complex for most companies is to understate a rather obvious truth, and the impact is perhaps most evident in the world of sales. Today’s customer expects unique value, meaningful business impact, and measurable ROI from partnering with vendors. Success often hinges on the sales professional’s ability to act as a trusted adviser by packaging solutions and conveying value in accordance with those expectations.

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The Buyer Persona + Market Segmentation

By Art Moryedi, Senior Consultant & Creative Director at Marlik Group, a creative branding, marketing and advertising agency. 

It was with great pleasure to facilitate the Buyer Persona and Segmentation Round Table Discussion at the TMSA 2017 Conference. This brief article (one in a two-part series) reflects what was discussed and its significance in developing a successful digital marketing strategy. 

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TMSA Honors 2017 Members of the Year

Congratulations to three individuals who were honored as the 2017 TMSA Members of the Year. Every year, TMSA acknowledges individual professionals within TMSA's membership who demonstrate exemplary service, leadership and results in their volunteer efforts to advance the mission of the association.

"As a professional industry non-profit association, TMSA relies heavily on the efforts of its volunteer leaders - which makes these awards so significantly important," says Brian Everett, CEO of TMSA.

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They Ask, You Answer: Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, Today’s Digital Consumer

"I'm looking completely differently at how my company goes to market and interacts with customers."

"I'd like to be much more transparent with customers and prospects on how we do things. For example, I don't think I'd actually put rates on our company website, but I like the idea of at least explaining how we develop our rates and what goes into our pricing process."

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