Content Marketing Is Key To Unlocking Sales

By Cassidy Haley, Sales and Marketing Intern, MindShare Strategies, Inc.

Listening to Joe Pulizzi, author of Content Inc., at the TMSA conference in early June really resonated with me. As I listened to Joe, it became very clear to me that marketing and sales go hand in hand. As a recent graduate looking for a sales position, I am looking for all the insight I can on how to become a success in sales.

Through Pulizzi’s presentation, the theme seemed to be the importance of informing your customer. Gone are the days of the used car sales man “hard sell.” Customers are smart and have a thirst for knowledge. That is where the role of a good, consultative sales person comes into play. Informing your customer about the benefits of your product, your service, and at the end of the day, “what’s in it for them” is key.

Content marketing is an important link to the sale. First, marketing must do a good job at: finding their niche where they can be the leading expert in the world; developing their content mission; focusing on content type, platform, and delivering consistently; not building their house on rented land; building and audience of opt-in subscribers; having an amazing newsletter and remarkable download; diversity into the “rule of three;” having your subscribers do things differently; and being patient.

Once the marketing department puts the tactical application in place, the audience or prospective customers, will be more informed. If the prospect isn’t aware of the product or service at all, it serves as an introduction and hopefully will create an interest.

Content Marketing opens doors for the salesperson take the prospect to the next level of becoming an informed, loyal customer.

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