The Do’s and Don’ts For Creating A Thought Leadership Campaign

We are continuing our thought leadership blog series today with a comprehensive list of the “Do’s and Don’ts” for creating a Thought Leadership campaign.

Thought Leader

To ‘set the table’ for our list below, perhaps Elaine Ip from Marketo said it best:

“As a brand, people want to know about your tried-and-true experiences and the tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way. They want to get a behind-the-scenes look at your practices and how you’ve realized success, the challenges you’ve faced and what you learned from them.”

The “Do’s” for creating your campaign:

  • Do align topic(s) to the company’s business, customer and brand
  • Do research and development (R&D) on your topic and audience
  • Do understand customer pain points
  • Do understand competitors, and how the topic/position you’re developing is unique compared to them
  • Do get buy-in from high-profile people, such as industry leaders
  • Do innovate in your area of expertise
  • Do recognize that you likely know more about the topic and have more experience in the topic than your audience does
  • Do create a content mission statement
  • Do build employee-wide support and understanding
  • Do create a sense of urgency for your campaign

The “Don’ts” for creating your campaign:

  • Don’t keep your best secrets a secret; your competitive advantage could be the very thing that you recruit new customers with!
  • Don’t try to invent something you don’t know anything about
  • Don’t assume the depth of knowledge or experience your internal and external audiences have
  • Don’t leave customers in the dark about your plans or campaign

Jill SchmiegMore about our guest: Jill Schmieg is Founder and Chief Strategist at Sol de Naples Marketing. After serving for more than a decade in corporate marketing at a major commercial fleet management and supply chain solutions company, she founded her own marketing services company, which helps clients discover brighter ways to reach their markets with unconventional approaches, non-nonsense savvy and focused results. For more information, visit

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Guest author of the TMSA Thought Leadership blog series is Jill Schmieg, Founder and Chief Strategist of Sol de Naples Marketing. 

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