TMSA's Round-Up On Thought Leadership

2016 has been a terrific year for TMSA members and growing their knowledge and expertise in content marketing! We had an incredible conference with record-breaking attendance in June, receiving exceptional advice and insights from the founder of the Content Market Institute and our opening keynote, Joe Pulizzi. Joe’s keynote and many other TMSA sessions inspired us to launch a blog series all about thought leadership and content marketing.

What better way to end the year, than with a ‘round up’ of the advice from thought leaders in our very midst? As a season’s greeting and the gift of inspiration from TMSA to you, here’s what thought leaders in our industry have to say:

"You’re not alone!" 
Doing a comprehensive thought leadership campaign can be a daunting undertaking for even the most competent of marketers. But keep in mind, you don’t have to do it all yourself! You can comment, respond, guest author and share your perspective on something that someone else created! There are tons of blogs, social media communities and (yes) thought leaders out there – use those as channels to make your voice heard.”
- Adrian Gonzalez (insert link to, trusted advisor and leading transportation and logistics industry analyst.

“As you’re listening to the customer, keep in mind it is rare for a great idea to emerge without needing to tinker with it." 
An initial idea or concept typically goes through many iterations before it becomes an outstanding solution and something that’s meaningful to customers; so don’t be afraid of change. The most important thing is to start small, try it out, evolve and repeat.”
- Phil Yeager, EVP Account Management and Intermodal Operations at Hub Group

“A thought leader has to take risks. Adopt the motto that 'Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.'"
While staying in the safe zone is easy, without taking risks, you won’t know how far you are actually capable of going.”
- Ellen Voie, founder of the non-profit Women in Trucking Association (insert link to: www.womenintruckingorg) with 4,000+ members

“Leadership today really involves the ability to influence other people, as well as a high tolerance and respect for diversity of thought." Great leaders realize that it is not the single contribution of one brain, but rather the collective molding of an idea by many brains, that produces the best possible outcome.”
- Anne Miner, President and founder of The Dunvegan Group, a full service marketing research firm

“If you focus on doing great marketing – that is, really knowing and understanding your audience – and being genuine to your brand, you may not need thought leadership after all!” 
- Mike Brown, founder of The Brainzooming™ Group

To sum it up, perhaps our very own CEO said it best and most succinctly:

“Great thought leaders must have passion, expertise, credibility and the ability to listen.”
- Brian Everett, CEO of Transportation Sales and Marketing Association

Happy Holidays from TMSA and best wishes for much prosperity in the New Year!

Jill SchmiegMore about our guest: Jill Schmieg is Founder and Chief Strategist at Sol de Naples Marketing. After serving for more than a decade in corporate marketing at a major commercial fleet management and supply chain solutions company, she founded her own marketing services company, which helps clients discover brighter ways to reach their markets with unconventional approaches, non-nonsense savvy and focused results. For more information, visit

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Guest author of the TMSA Thought Leadership blog series is Jill Schmieg, Founder and Chief Strategist of Sol de Naples Marketing. 

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