What Do You Know About Recruiting Female Drivers?

In the past, carriers didn’t care whether their drivers were male or female, young or old, tall or short. The goal was to hire a competent person to operate the truck. Diversity wasn’t a goal.

Now, with a driver population that is mostly aging, white males, carriers are looking at other ways to attract new demographic groups, including women.

Recruiting women drivers

The Women In Trucking Association held a driver recruiting ad contest, and these three ads were the finalists (based upon driver judges).

Why should you start focusing on ways to recruit female professional drivers? Consider some of the facts the Women In Trucking Association has found recently about this group.

Initially women choose a career as a driver for the same reasons as men; pay and benefits. However, there are different reasons why women choose one carrier over another. They are looking for a culture that values them, treats them as an individual and cares about its employees.

A female driver places a much higher value on her relationship with her dispatcher than her male colleagues, and is more likely to stay if it’s good, or leave if it’s bad. A friendly, caring and supportive connection to the company is a priority for women. Women are driven by estrogen (men by testosterone) and estrogen encourages bonding and connection.

How should your recruiting ad reflect this value? Instead of highlighting the make of the truck or the pay per mile, promote the company culture and a friendly dispatcher. True stories and real drivers are better examples than models and hype. Drivers see through that.

To get a better understanding how to attract female drivers through your recruiting ads, request the Women In Trucking recruiting guide. In it you’ll find information including where to place your ads, what to include in them and lots of valuable data about female professional drivers. This guide is a member benefit and free to corporate members who request a copy.

Find out more about the Women In Trucking Association and how to join at www.womenintrucking.org or call 888-464-9482.

By Ellen Voie, President & CEO, Women In Trucking Association 

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