Radical Careering: Finding Success and Passion in Your Life

Insights from Sally Hogshead, author, consultant, speaker and guru of all things work-related (and Keynote Speaker at a previous TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference).

What's "radical careering?" It involves concepts, ideas, inspiration and transformation. But while the concepts and mindsets of radical careering can help you to become successful, it challenges you to define how you see success.

How Do You Define Success?
Hogshead suggests that modern success isn't measured by a bank account, or a business card, or any of the other brass rings. It's about choice. Success is about having control to decide what kind of life you want to live. For some people, that choice means having the financial option to retire early. For others it's about developing the reputation to work with the most brilliant minds around.

Hogshead refers to a former study she conducted involving 1,000 people around the country. She asked about power. For 69 percent of respondents, power meant having freedom and control to make choices. "Power" is, through her definition in this research:

  • Fame: 2.8 percent
  • Making a lot of money: 12 percent
  • Access to most important people: 16.3 percent
  • Freedom to say no and walk away: 32.3 percent
  • Having complete control over your schedule: 36.7 percent

Finding Your Passion in Your Career
"Do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life" is a common phrase. But is it possible, realistic or just babble that some career-climbing speakers like to use? Hogshead thinks it's definitely career babble. It sounds great, sure, but the reality is that a career is work, just like marriage is work and parenting is work. Yes, of course, a career worth loving brings joy and excitement and fulfillment. But there will be days when your career feels like ditch-digging. And that's okay. Nothing worth your lifetime of time and talents will come easy.

Her definition of "careering" is: the profound and glorious and terrifying and absurdly difficult but infinitely rewarding process of transforming your current self into your ultimate self.

TMSA will periodically share some of her radical truths over the course of the next several months. It's a great way gain inspiration in your career - and your life!

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