The Power of Video

By Michael Cardwell, President, Digital Brew

As an affiliate member of TMSA, we at Digital Brew know how chaotic the essential supply chain industry can get, even without a pandemic sweeping the nation. And when information changes without a moment’s notice, it becomes extremely difficult to keep everyone in-the-know. 

In case you are unfamiliar with Digital Brew, we’re an animated explainer production studio based out of Orlando, Florida, and as you may have guessed, we’re passionate about video marketing. Not just because we love animation, but because we know the power video holds in society. 

Building a Case for the Use of Video
Video is a fast, effective, and engaging way to spread information to a large number of people at once. It’s easy to digest and easy to share. In fact, people watch an average of 16 hours of online video a week, and are twice as likely to share video content than any other form of media. 

Apart from the impressive stats, videos are an important tool to have in your arsenal. Specifically in times like this, when isolation and social distancing is crucial, animation can achieve great feats, since there is never a need to meet face to face.

After speaking with some of our clients in the industry, we’ve gathered that the most influential videos to have right now include:

  • Videos with crucial information your employees need from reliable resources
  • Videos that boost morale, and remind employees how paramount their jobs are and why their company isn’t shutting down.

Since many employees in this industry don’t rely on email for daily communication, passing along information in a timely manner becomes difficult, especially when face to face meetings are no longer an option. At Digital Brew, our goal is to help businesses keep their employees safe, healthy, and well informed by providing them with insightful and accurate animated videos to share. 

Questions, comments, or want to learn more about video? We’d love to chat! Get in contact with our video expert:

Amiet Chevrier Gill
[email protected]

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