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Kenco's Journey to Find Marketing Automation

By: Heather Sweet – Content Marketing Manager at Kenco and TMSA Member

The first time I heard about marketing automation was at TMSA’s annual conference in 2014. There was a panel of transportation and warehousing marketers sharing their experiences with finding and choosing a marketing automation tool. They spoke about:

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Four Tips From the Editors for Better Media Relations

By Bill Fahrenwald, Executive Director, James Street Associates
TMSA’s recent “Pulse of the Media” survey revealed a number of best practices for media relations practitioners. It also revealed some practices you should definitely avoid.

Attendees of the Meet the Press panel at TMSA’s Annual Conference on June 13 will be provided with full results of the survey, along with analysis by four of the industry’s leading and most respected editors.

Here is a preview.

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Fractional Executives: A Perspective

By Mauri Sparks, Marketing Coordinator at TSD Logistics, a TMSA Corporate Member

Today, businesses are moving away from the traditional 9-5, Monday-Friday, in-house office setting to a less rigid but more productive landscape. This includes using consulting firms to supplement in-house staff, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. One fairly new trend is hiring a fractional executive who offers strategy and planning for a specific function of your company. This practice is becoming more common for startups and smaller businesses that either don’t need a full-time executive in the C-suite or require a more cost-effective solution.

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Do You Really Need the Trade Media?

By Bill Fahrenwald, Executive Director, James Street Associates

Do you really need the trade media?
…and, is traditional media still relevant?

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8 Things Ridiculously Successful Salespeople Do Each Day

By Brian Everett, CEO of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

In all my years of working with successful professionals in sales and business development, I’ve noticed they usually share common personality characteristics and work habits. From what I’ve seen in the transportation and logistics industry, these are eight things that successful salespeople have in common:

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How to Use Keywords for Logistics Marketing

By: Rebecca Levinson, Account Strategist, Propecta

SEO keywords are the words and phrases on your website that match user queries (the words and phrases your audience types into search engines) and tell search engines what your content is about. They are the starting point of a good SEO strategy.

But how keywords are used has evolved dramatically. Google has a very sophisticated understanding of language, so digital marketers who hope to have any SEO success need a modern SEO keyword strategy.

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SEO and the Buyer's Journey for Logistics Brands

By Nate Dame, CEO and Founder, Propecta

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Matching for Employment: Analyzing Preferences for Retention & Growth

By: Beth Potratz, President and CEO, Drive My Way, Inc. 

The ever evolving world of technology continues to shape the employment relationship. Job seekers are searching for that perfect job where their career meets their lifestyle. Technology has allowed us to dissect and identify nearly every aspect of the world around us, providing unique insight into our individual preferences, skill sets, and identifiable attributes. There is no stronger case to apply this information than to the recruitment and selection process. 

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