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Rose Rocket Maintains Personal Connections through Virtual Booth

From thinking about our own customers to looking out for our customer’s customers, we constantly obsess over every person’s experience with Rose Rocket. This is because we believe in the importance of customer experience and building genuine relationships within our industry – both digitally, and in-person. We approach our customers with this mentality, we sell with this mentality, and we serve with this mentality in mind. Most of all, we know this happens over a thousand small interactions, rather than a single big one. 

As a technology company, we’ve spent many years developing our digital strategy, and this year, we were focused on honing in on our events and in-person channels. There is power and magic in in-person interactions, which is why we believe that conferences like the TMSA are a great place to meet and connect with industry thought leaders.

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Expanding Minds and Experiences at the 2019 TMSA Annual Conference

At this year’s Compass Awards, a direct mail campaign by VantagePoint Logistics took some of the top honors. Yes, a 147-year-old medium (or 537 or 3019-year-old medium depending on who you ask) bested video, VR, social and digital everything. 

Make no mistake, the work was excellent. It was a luscious, high budget, multiple-piece highly-personalized campaign to a very limited, high-value audience of 150 people. It worked; recipients loved it. When the company called to request a meeting, the prospects were excited, it was as if they already knew them. They couldn’t wait to make it real, to move to the next piece in the sequence: the meeting. 

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How Copywriting Contributes to a Great Customer Experience

By Conrad Winter, a campaign and content copywriter for the transportation and logistics industry. He is a TMSA member and will be exhibiting at the upcoming TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference, which has a theme focused on the Customer Experience (CX). For more information, visit

No one wants to do business with a computer, or have a relationship with a robot. It’s creepy. 

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The First One to Commit to the Experience Wins

By Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer of The Content Advisory, the Consulting & Education Group of Content Marketing Institute. For more than 20 years, Rose has been helping marketers to tell their story more effectively and build passionate audiences and powerful customer experiences. Rose will be the opening and closing keynote speaker for the 2019 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference

When I was visiting a client in Hartford, Connecticut, I needed a taxi from my hotel to the client’s location. Easy enough. The hotel bellman grabs a taxi from the street and I’m on my way. As we drive, the cabbie makes small talk: where are you from, how long are you staying, the weather, all that. Then he asks, “Do you have a ride to the airport tomorrow?”

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How the Flywheel Approach & Digital Communications Can Improve Your Overall Customer Experience

By Nadine Nocero-Tye, Director of Client Services for SyncShow, a TMSA Affiliate Member

Customer experience can be defined as any interaction that your organization has with your customer. Thanks to industry disruptors like Amazon, what was once considered the best experience is now the expected experience. It’s not just from the likes of Amazon, but from every experience with every company whether you are a consumer or a buyer of business services or a product. In fact, because of this, customer experience has become one of the top strategic priorities within the C-suite.

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How to Engage Your Customer Base: Observations of Trimble in.sight Conference This Week

By Brian Everett, CEO of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

When you think about the four phases of the Buyer’s Journey (Attract Suspects and Prospects, Convert Leads, Close and Retain Customers), many companies don’t place nearly enough energy and resources into expanding business with current customers and turning them into your biggest advocates.

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CX in the Era of Supply Chain Impatience

By Keith Biondo, Publisher, Inbound Logistics magazine, an Affiliate member, 2017 sponsor and “Media Friend” of TMSA. Given the recent emerging trend and focus on CX and “the Buyer’s Journey” within the TMSA community, Biondo’s perspectives are highly relevant.

Whether your customer is the end consumer or B2B buyer, supply chain and customer service performance expectations are converging. Providing an excellent customer experience (CX) requires super-expedited and sometimes free delivery. E-commerce customers increasingly choose to pay for same-day delivery, according to a DHL survey. Here at Inbound Logistics, we call that supply chain impatience and it is spreading to B2B. 

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