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Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies through Digital

2 Roundtable Discussions. 15 Participants.

I had the opportunity to facilitate two roundtable discussions on lead generation and conversion strategies through digital, and while both roundtable discussions were with different groups, on different days, the key takeaways were very similar. Discussion participants varied in their levels of experience in digital marketing. Some participants were very seasoned and some were more novice. Our conversations focused on the basic tenets of developing a lead generation and conversion strategy. Here is what we discovered.

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5 Key Elements of a Successful B2B Website

By Chris Peer, Owner & CEO of SyncShow, a TMSA Affiliate member

Studies on buying behaviors for the B2B industry continue to show that for the majority of buyers, their first stop in finding a solution to their pain points is an internet search. This means that your website is most likely the first touchpoint a prospect is having with your company, and like any other salesperson, your website should be properly armed to sell your products and/or services.

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The Edgy Power of Video: Practical Tips, Case Studies

The use of video is gaining significant traction in generating marketing, sales and business results in transportation and logistics. TMSA member companies like Averitt Express which uses video to recruit team drivers who are married, or Bison Transport to talk about the economy and the Trump Effect, or Crowley Maritime to gain credibility on heavy haul expertise.

A Closer Look: FreightWaves Produces Daily Video Insights, News Analysis
Another fine example is TMSA Affiliate member FreightWaves, which provides real-time market insights through their new daily video, NOW. It’s a daily market update that comes from the floor of FreightWaves headquarters in Chattanooga every business day at 4pm Eastern. Throughout NOW, FreightWaves market experts and team deliver content and expertise highlighting key things to watch in the market for that day.

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10 Reasons Google Hates Your Website - And What You Can Do About It

By Chris Peer, Owner & CEO of SyncShow. Peer presented "10 Reasons Google Hates Your Transportation & Logistics Website - And What You Can Do About It" at the 2018 Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference.

Your website has the potential to be the most important member of your logistics sales team. But just like your sales team members, your website must constantly stay at the top of its game if it's going to generate the kind of leads needed to meet your business goals. 

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How We Give Up Personal Info to Facebook and Related Apps, and What It Means to Marketers

It’s all the buzz in circles of marketers in transportation and logistics who leverage Facebook and other social media channels for their efforts. With Facebook under fire for allegedly improperly collecting and misusing the data of as many as 50 million users, it has prompted scrutiny from users and marketers alike.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted publicly that this was a breach of trust between Facebook and the people who share their data with Facebook, and has made a pledge: “We need to fix that.”

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2018 Predictions: 7 Top Trends in Digital Marketing

By Brian Everett, CEO of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

In recent conversations with TMSA members, there appears to be some emerging marketing trends that could have a growing impact on how marketing organizations in transportation and logistics collaborate, communicate, innovate and evolve. Specifically when it comes to digital marketing. Today we live in a fast-paced world where the rules of customer engagement and sales/marketing/lead gen strategies change on a daily basis. One minute you believed you've nailed the YouTube algorithm and suddenly the next you're pulling out your hair because your stellar content no longer is getting adequate views.

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7 Steps of a Successful Digital Culture

If you're looking at ways to improve your success in digital marketing and sales strategy, listen to what Marcus Sheridan has to say. One of TMSA's most incredible "thought leaders" and recently named as the “web marketing guru” by the New York Times, Sheridan started in 2009 his sales and marketing blog, The Sales Lion. He has since grown this brand to be synonymous with inbound and content marketing excellence.

Sheridan was TMSA’s keynote presenter at the 2017 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference, and as a follow-up he presented 7 steps to a successful digital culture in a recent TMSA Webinar:

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