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TMSA Conference Insights on Shipper of Choice

Customer Experience (CX) was the theme of the 2019 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference at Amelia Island, Florida. As marketers and sales professionals within transportation and logistics, creating a delightful experience for our shippers is often the first “Customer” we think of when we look to improve. One peer-to-peer conversation during a working lunch roundtable session with leaders from carriers, brokers, technology firms, transportation media and shippers confirmed that holding shippers accountable to providing a first-rate experience for truck drivers is an equally compelling priority.

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The Content Brand: The Future of Content Marketing

By Katlynn Goodsell, Marketing & Communication Intern, MindShare Strategies

Joe Pulizzi is the face of content marketing. He founded the Content Marketing Institute and has an intense amount of energy when speaking. He has a way of keeping you drawn and his words force you to listen. Pulizzi was the keynote speaker at TMSA’s Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference held in Fort Lauderdale this past week. His keynote speech was focused around how to build an audience with a content brand using six phases:

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New Perspectives: What Effective B2B Content Marketing Looks Like

How many transportation and logistics companies even know what effective B2B content marketing looks like? It's a question that plagues our industry - and many TMSA members. That's one reason why TMSA has secured Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and a leading expert on content marketing, as its keynote of the 2016 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference.

CMI recently release findings of its annual content marketing survey. Pulizzi notes that over the years, CMI has focused much of its efforts and research on effectiveness. But this year, while his team was discussing new questions for the survey, they stepped back and asked the same question as TMSA.

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