Video Content: Top Uses In Transportation and Logistics

Video is rapidly gaining popularity as the most effective way to drive your marketing strategy. But it's important to know how you're wanting to use video in your overall strategy - and integrate it into your marketing in a thoughtful, relevant way. Many TMSA members are doing so, and we recognize them for their intelligent use of video.

There are several ways that video can be used in your marketing. Let's take a look at how a few transportation and logistics marketing companies (and TMSA members) are using video:

Emphasize your brand or culture. Averitt, a transportation and supply chain management company based in Cookeville, TN recently developed a video that provides a quick tour of their corporate campus in Cookeville, TN, and sets the tone of what the Averitt team does to help their customers succeed every day. They've leveraged this video through their blog and other communications channels. 
> View Averitt's The Power of One: Behind the Scenes Video

Explanation of real-world use of a produce or service.  PeopleNet provides innovative Internet-based and integrated on-board computing and mobile communications systems to improve North America's trucking industry's fleet management. This TMSA member created a Compass award-winning video recently developed a video that explains how PeopleNet Video Intelligence provides a complete story of driver behavior to get a picture of challenges they face on the road.
> Click Here to View Video

Give your customer a voice.  Saddle Creek Logistics Services provides comprehensive integrated logistics solutions, including warehousing, omnichannel fulfillment, transportation, and packaging. With expertise in eCommerce and B2B fulfillment, this TMSA member created a case study video explaining how it has taken over the fulfillment side of Pura Vida's business so the company can focus on building and expanding their brand. 
> Vew Pura Vida Case Study Video

Recruit potential drivers by highlighting value.  Holland provides full-state regional delivery in 12 state and 2 provinces, and is looking to hire drivers. This TMSA member created its Dock-to-Driver Training Program video to attract potential drivers.
> View Dock-to-Driver Training Program Video

Educate the industry on a current issue. The Women In Trucking Association created a brief explainer video that makes a business case for more gender diversity in the transportation industry - and explains how attending its Accelerate! Conference & Expo can help companies make it happen.
> View WIT Accelerate! Video

Encourage prospects to take action. TMSA leads by example. To this point, TMSA has implemented video strategy into it's overall content marketing - and developed a series of testimonial videos that emphasize why marketing and sales executives in transportation should join TMSA.
> View TMSA's Member Testimonial Video


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