3 Core Components to Powerful Content Marketing

Kenneth KowalBy Kenneth Kowal, Founder, www.shipstarter.com

When it comes to using content marketing for your logistics company it should not be a matter of if, but how.

But before jumping in, it’s important to know that effective content marketing begins with a well thought out strategy – just writing content for content’s sake doesn’t work. Here are three ideas to get you started.

Have a Plan
It sounds obvious, but thinking through and documenting your plan is the vital first step towards building a strategy that delivers results.

The plan should start with knowing your specific objectives. For example, is your goal to generate leads or maybe nurture prospects based on their position in the buying cycle? It’s this objective that shapes everything that follows.

A common mistake is failing to identify subject matter experts with the skill and time to handle the writing, so keep this in mind. The logistics professionals reading your content can tell when a writer knows the business.

Make it Relatable and Specific
A proper plan must account for a lot of factors. More than anything content must provide value and speak in the ‘problem langue’ of your customers.

Content should relate to where prospects are in the sales cycle and provide relevant information that helps them understand their issues. Well timed content, such as case studies, enable potential customers to envision what you can do for them.

Get It Out There
Content must be read to have an effect. Common ways for distributing content include email, social media, and your own website. Each has an important place in any plan, but consistency and frequency are what matter most.

Lastly, content must always include a compelling Call to Action (CTA). Good content creates urgency that inspires action while convincing the reader you are the best solution.

Failing to document and follow a strategy is the most common reason content marketing fails. When it’s done well, content marketing provides the right information to help move prospects efficiently through each stage of the buying cycle. 

About the Author: Kenneth Kowal is the founder of www.shipstarter.com, a content and lead generation company who works exclusively with logistics companies.

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