Best Practices and Epic Fails in CRM

By Ken Kish, Managing Director, the Marketing Alliance

I had the pleasure of facilitating an Interactive Roundtable Discussion on "Best Practices and Epic Fails in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems" at the recent TMSA Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference. The conversation centered around best practices in CRM - and how to avoid landmines. Here are highlights from the discussion:

  • Most CRM implementations fail due to lack of adoption by the sales team and executive teams. Epic CRM fails are not owned by one person within your organization. It is a joint failure, not a singular failure.
  • Any CRM implementation must have an engaged Executive Sponsor who is generally your top sales executive and is further supported by the CEO and CIO. 
  • Vet a number of CRM providers that fit the needs of your company and do your homework. You can start with a site like 
  • Once you choose a provider, best practices recommend you use a Value Added Re-Seller that can help you with the implementation, customizations and adoption. You don’t know what you don’t know.
  • Sales people need to understand the WIFM [“what’s in it for them”]. It is a CRM not a SPM (Sales Person Management) system. Such as reduction in administrative work; better sales communication between sales team and executive team; improved sales process and pipeline management; allows sales to focus on the best opportunities; and improved forecasting for sales goals.
  • Incorporate use of the CRM into your company policies to ensure adoption.

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