Congrats to 2017 Compass Award Recipients

TMSA announces the recipients of the 2017 TMSA Compass Awards Program. In its 65th year of existence, this awards program recognizes marketing and sales best practices by transportation and logistics companies that ultimately demonstrate effective execution and measurable business results.

Compass Awards

"The Compass Awards Program plays an important role in raising the standard of marketing innovation and sales performance in the transportation and logistics industry," says Elena Izakson, Vice President of Marketing for Hub Group and the 2017 Chairperson of TMSA Recognition Committee. "This well-respected awards program recognizes the best and most relevant marketing and sales initiatives in our industry."

This year TMSA received more than 80 entries from nearly 50 companies. All entries were judged by seasoned marketing and sales executives both from within and outside the industry using a 6-point proven scaling system to evaluate the strategy and execution of each entry. Total points earned determine whether a recipient receives an Award of Excellence (the highest level of the award) or an Award of Merit. This year, 12 entries received an excellence award and 27 received a merit award. 

This year's Compass Awards program featured 15 submission categories: Integrated Campaign, Content Marketing, Single or Multiple Advertisement Campaigns, Events, Direct Marketing Campaign, Marketing and Sales Collateral, Digital Sales and Marketing, Social Media Campaign, Media Relations, Diversity Campaign, CRM Solution, Sales and Marketing Collaborated Effort, New Product Development, and Pricing Process and Analysis.

Recipients earning a 2017 Compass Award of Excellence are:

  • Bison Transport, "Company Driver Recruiting Campaign" (Digital Sales & Marketing Category)
  • Cardinal Health Integrated Logistics Services, "Building Brand Awareness" (Events)
  • FedEx Services, "2016 FedEx Integrated Peak" (Integrated Campaign)
  • Realm Inc. "UPS 2015/16 SEMA Show" (Integrated Campaign, Sales & Marketing Collaboration)
  • Women In Trucking and MindShare Strategies, "Accelerate! Conference Elevates Mission of WIT" (Events)
  • GO Transit, "2016 GO Transit Customer Etiquette Campaign" (Social Media)
  • SMC3, "Jump Start 2017 (Events)
  • Crowley Maritime, "2017 Calendars" (Marketing & Sales Collateral)
  • Women In Trucking and MindShare Strategies, "Redefining the Official Women In Trucking Magazine" (Marketing & Sales Collateral)
  • YRC Freight, "Accelerated Service Launch" (Integrate Campaign)
  • FedEx, "2016 Freight Portfolio NFL Super Bowl Sweepstakes" (Integrated Campaign)

Recipients earning a 2017 Compass Award of Merit are:

  • Bison Transport, "Guide: How to Choose a Carrier to Drive For" (Content Marketing Category)
  • CELESTICS GROUP, "Mobile World Congress16" (Events)
  • FedEx, "NASCAR Just One More Driver Contest" (Direct Marketing)
  • James Street Associates, "Thought Leadership to Fuel Strategic Media Relations" (Media Relations)
  • Navis, "Smart Decisions: Intelligent Performance with BI Portal" (Integrated Campaign)
  • Nimlok Chicago, "New Website Launch" (Marketing & Sales Collateral)
  • Saddle Creek Logistics Services, "50th Anniversary Campaign" (Events)
  • Zipline Logistics, "Targeted Approach to Reach Specialized Audience" (Advertising)
  • PITT OHIO, "Potential Customer Campaign" (Direct Marketing)
  • Hub Group, "Empowering Sales" (Sales & Marketing Collaboration)
  • Riverside Transit Agency, "Partnership to Promote Bus and Train Travel" (Integrated Campaign)
  • Trimble Companies, TMW Systems, PeopleNet, "in.sight 2016 User Conference and EXPO" (Events)
  • CSX Transportation Intermodal, "2016 Disruption Narrative" (Integrated Campaign)
  • shark&minnow, "shark&minnow x Great Lakes Shipyard - Subchapter M" (Direct Marketing)
  • shark&minnow, "shark&minnow x Milestone/NACPC - IANA EXPO" (Events)
  • LeSaint and Sol de Naples, "Customer Case Study Program Fuels Integrated Campaign (Content Marketing)
  • USF Holland, "HR Millennial Campaign" (Direct Marketing Campaign)
  • FDSI Logistics, "Building Brand Awareness" (Advertising Campaign)
  • FedEx, "FedEx Freight Box Campaign" (Integrated Campaign)
  • TMW Systems, "Using Data Decisively" (Integrated Campaign)
  • CSX Transportation Intermodal, "Lead Generation Content Promotion Plan" (Digital Sales & Marketing)
  • LeSaint and Sol de Naples Marketing, "Visual Harmonization Makes Brand Look Smart" (Marketing & Sales Collateral)
  • FedEx, "2016 Sales Chat" (Sales & Marketing Collaboration)
  • LeSaint and Sol de Naples Marketing, "Email Marketing Campaign Takes Big Strides" (Digital Sales & Marketing)
  • San Joaquin Regional Transit District, "Freight and Logistics Blog" (Content Marketing)
  • Propecta, "New Website Delivers Improvements in Key Business Metrics" (Marketing & Sales Collateral)

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Are we able to view these entries online somewhere? I would love to see their work!

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