Silver Sales Bullet: Match Your Selling Style to Customers' Buying Styles

Recently during an educational TMSA webinar, Joel McGinley of TranStrategy Partners provided practical advice to members on how to understand buying styles as it relates to the DISC approach. This information can then be used in your sales initiatives, business relationships, and more! Here are a few highlights from this webinar.

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Four buying styles are based on the DISC behavioral model, and they control how we like to communicate and be communicated with. They also can help you to determine how customers prefer to make purchasing decisions, and the speed with which they prefer to make them. You should match your “selling style” to their “buying style.” Look for clues in the buying style of your prospects and customers, and adjust your selling style to match their buying style. You’ll be amazed at the results!


The four buying styles in the DISC model are:
Decisive (D). These buyers have a clear picture in their mind of what results they want and are often seen as “Type A” people who prefer to make quick buying decisions. When selling to a Decisive Buyer, be practical and efficient (avoid theory), and highlight opportunities for change and adventure. Avoid overly emotional discussions or opinion-based arguments.

Interactive (I). These buyers want to shape and mold events, and enjoy “getting their way” when it comes to negotiations or buying something. Unlike the D, High I’s tend to go about this by working with or through people – much more collaboratively. When selling to them, avoid challenging them or personal conflict. Don’t aggressively push or close.

Stabilizer (S). These buyers are more passive and introverted, and interested in the “how” and “why” of a solution (i.e., the details and minutiae that the I and D couldn’t care less about). They prefer to buy things that will increase the stability in their lives, and prefer to take their time more than any other dimension. When selling to them, avoid conflict, and reassure and reduce risk as much as possible. Provide structure, step-by-step details and security, and give them ample time to decide.

Conscientious (C). These buyers are more passive and introverted. Like the High S, they too take a much more detailed and accuracy-based approach to their buying practices. Their decisions are driven by questions of accuracy, detail, reliability, and level of proof. When selling to them, provide a lot of high-quality evidence and proof (data, facts, statistics), and connect to solving problems. Be organized, logical, and unemotional.

> Click here to view the full webinar on-demand.

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