Food Logistics Recognizes 2019 Top Green Providers

Food Logistics magazine, a TMSA Affiliate member and Media Friend, recently announced its annual Food Logistics’ 2019 Top Green Providers. According to Jolene Gulley, Group Publisher at AC Business Media (the publisher of Food Logistics): “This initiative showcases companies that have found new ways to promote sustainability throughout their operations and for their customers. This year’s list consists of 3PLs, technology companies, transportation providers, cold storage providers and many more that have upped their game to become leaders in the sustainable global food supply chain.”

Congratulations to these TMSA member companies for their accomplishments that have allowed them to be named to Food Logistics’ 2019 Top Green Providers.

A. Duie Pyle takes multiform steps in promoting sustainability across its enterprise. Key measures include recycling oil and water, governing tractor speed, installing tube and LED lighting, investing in electric trucks, and transitioning to paperless operations. 

Cass Information Systems provides solutions through the use of technology to obtain cost and processing efficiencies for its customers. These solutions help customers to meet green supply chain goals and accelerate the amount of electronic interchange among its customers, their freight carriers and Cass, resulting in reduction of paper transactions. For the limited paper transactions that do occur, Cass images all documents and has them available tot view online. With all information available electronically, the need for files, storage and document transfers are eliminated.

Jarrett Logistics Systems, for the last two years has participated in a paperless initiative. By the end of 2018, 90% of all incoming invoices were submitted electronically. Over 355,000 invoices have been digitized over the last two years, with an expectation that over 225,000 invoices will be incoming electronically just this year. The Paperless Initiative is integrated in the carrier onboarding process. Currently 26 of 33 carriers utilized are part of the sustainability program, empowering Jarrett to identify accurate billing information at a faster clip for food and beverage clients.

Matson Logistics' assets, systems and processes help reduce the carbon and environmental impact of its customers’ supply chains. Preserving the environment and the health of communities is a core value for Matson as it continues to be the only container vessel operators with a zero-waste discharge policy.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology has chosen an intermodal tank which makes both economic and environmental sense as they have been proven to be a leading eco-friendly form of transportation. The tanks are stackable and reusable, resulting in a more sustainable and greener form of transportation. After discharge, there is no need for cleaning of the equipment for empty back-haul transit as it is simply recycled.

Ruan views sustainability as not only good business, but also as a moral imperative. They are dedicated to making their trucks and supply chains solutions as clean and efficient as possible. Ruan is an official SmartWay Partner and multiple recipient of the SmartWay Excellence Award.

RLS Logistics uses solar power to generate electricity for its cold storage facility, and is 100% sustainable in power generation. Its newest facility in Delanco, N.J., uses CO2 refrigeration, eliminating the need for freon and ammonia, which have negative effects on the environment.

Trimble Transportation’s vision is to provide the food and beverage supply chains with technology to help create smarter, greener and more sustainable decisions. With 29% of greenhouse gas coming from transportation, Trimble’s technology enables transportation organizations to save fuel, time and money, eliminating safety risks and improving the bottom line through better route management and vehicle performance.

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