2020 Metrics Study Results Show Digital Continues Strong Growth

Marketing budgets in transportation and logistics continue to demonstrate a strong presence of digital marketing activities, said Brian Everett, TMSA’s CEO at the TMSA Digital Transformation Conference this last Tuesday. In fact, according to preliminary results of the annual report published by TMSA, digital advertising now makes up 14.5% of the annual marketing budget, website/SEO comprises 12.2% of budgets, content creation and marketing constitutes 12.2%, and Email marketing comprises approximately 5.3% of the marketing budget.

Everett also reported that CRM, marketing automation, and investments in other marketing-related technologies also have been consistently rising in significance in marketing-related budgets. “Transportation and logistics marketing budgets have a significant slant toward digital these days,” said Everett, “particularly because customer decisions are made through more information online. Shippers and other buyers in transportation and logistics are aggressively finding market intelligence and information on potential providers online long before they even have their first live discussion with someone in sales. Therefore, it’s critical for any transportation and logistics company to have relevant information about their value online – in the format they prospects need.”

Other digital statistics reported included:

  • Ability to track ROI in content creation/marketing, CRM and marketing automation, website/SEO, Email marketing, and digital advertising.
  • The use of marketing automation tools in transportation and logistics marketing.
  • Outsourcing of digital marketing activities such as Email marketing, content creation/marketing, CRM/marketing automation, website/SEO, and other strategies.
  • The most common uses of social media channels in transportation and logistics marketing
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