Significant Growing Trend: Use of Technology in Marketing, Sales

Technology innovation and digitization are disrupting almost every process across transportation and logistics enterprises, ranging from methods of shipment, freight management, and supporting administration activities such as documentation and freight payments.

Market demand shifts such as same-day shipping and last-mile delivery are game-changers, and emerging blockchain technologies are rapidly accelerating the changes and innovation within the industry.

These are some of the strongest themes found in the 2020 TMSA Marketing & Sales Metrics Study, which underscores that technologies in CRM and sales automation are having a significant impact on “go to market” strategies for companies in transportation and logistics. “To be sure, marketing automation platforms and heavier investments in content marketing for lead generation and SEO for website performance are having an impact on marketing strategies in this industry,” says Brian Everett, CEO of TMSA.

TMSA just released its fourth biennial study, which helps sales and marketing practitioners and business leaders gain a better understanding of key sales and marketing metrics specific to this industry, how these metrics change over time, and best practices for marketing and sales success. The complete study is available to TMSA Corporate, Individual and Affiliate members as part of their membership.

Survey participants in the 2020 version of the study represent third-party logistics companies (65.5%), which include truck brokers, freight forwarders and intermodal marketing companies (IMCs); motor carriers (33%); technology innovators (16%); and parcel/home delivery/last mile companies (8%). A significant number of companies involved in the intermodal industry (railroads, ocean carriers, and port authorities) also participated.

Everett also noted that the use of customer relationship management (CRM) and sales automation platforms continues to grow. “In fact, 87.5% of respondents say they currently use such systems. See Use CRM/Marketing Automation Technology,” he said.

Other Key Data Points Found in the 2020 Metrics Study
In addition to the use of technology in marketing and sales within the transportation and logistics industry, other key metrics covered include:


  • Staffing and Talent Management
  • Financial Resources and Budgets
  • Digital Marketing Metrics
  • Measurement of ROI
  • Marketing Outsourcing Practices


  • Staffing, Recruiting, Training
  • Performance Measurement and Compensation
  • Financial Resources and Budgets
  • Sales Measurement and Success
  • Reasons Driving Loss of Business
  • Lead Generation Strategy

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