Transportation 101

The transportation and logistics industry is the behind the scene force that delivers the products that we use every day without fail. The toothbrush you use in the morning, the computer you use at work, the bed that you sleep in have all been given to you through some sort of transportation. But how much do you really know about this industry? Do you know the different types of transportation? What type of transportation your company should use? Or even the basic definition of ‘transportation?’ TMSA breaks down the basics for us in its on-demand webinar Transportation 101

At a basic level, the definition of transportation is moving something from point A to point B, but it becomes a bit more complex when you layer in additional services on top of the core of transportation. Services like routing, regulatory compliance and driver management turn basic transportation into logistics. If you add services like returns and warehousing, then the service becomes a supply chain.

There are many different forms of transportation that your company could use. They range from trucks to rail/intermodal transportation to air to ocean. You should be familiar with all types of transportation, as well as the emerging technology in the transportation field, so you can determine which type of transportation your company will need to use. 

Another important factor, for anyone starting out in this industry to understand, is that the trends in the trucking and logistics world are constantly changing and evolving. Which means how employees handle situations change and evolve constantly as well. 

This industry is huge, trucking alone makes up 43% of the total global logistics company. So, understanding and paying attention to the market landscape and looking for ways your operations, sales or marketing can give your company a competitive edge is necessary. Understanding your company must adapt or modify an emerging trend is key to gaining that edge. 

For those new to the industry, the ability to recognize and use key industry terminology, describe a transportation and logistics network, classify various modes of transportation, understand major types of services that transportation companies provide, and identify new trends and regulations, will be critical to their success in their role. 

Ready to Master the Transportation Industry?

Attend our introductory course presented by industry veterans that will take a deep dive in the industry's complex concepts and break them down in a simple, digestible way. Click here to watch on-demand.  

TMSA would like to thank the education committee and our sponsors, Sol De Naples Marketing, Faye Business Systems Group, Business to Business Communication Inc., Bennett Consulting, JAXPORT, RLS Logistics and Luminaries Consulting, for making this webinar possible!

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