How to Leverage Trade Media Partners to the Max

TMSA held its latest Strategic Interest Group featuring President and Publisher of SupplyChainBrain, Brad Berger on April 28th

“How to make media partners your best friend” was the topic of conversation, but the conversation quickly turned from “how” to “why you would want to make media partners your best friend.”  

There are more reasons than you’d expect. Trade publications like SupplyChainBrain can serve a much bigger role for brands than potentially featuring a news release or running banner ads. Not to say that either of these tactics have gone away—in fact, Berger says to keep those relevant, unbiased, well-written news releases coming. It’s just that the potential for partnering with publications is way bigger today. 

Here are the top ways media partners can help boost your marketing effectiveness that came from the group:  

Whitepaper promotion: Get your content out of your cloud space and onto the screens of new prospects. Having trade media partners promote and host your paper widens the audience. It also streamlines the experience by enabling prospects to click and go, avoiding gating hassles.  

Backlinks: Publications are in a natural position to provide these “votes of confidence” from other sources. Media partners can provide help with strategy and establishing backlinks. They can do it more efficiently than most marketers can do by themselves; and they can do it cost effectively. 

Brand awareness a la banner ads: Banner ads gain the eyeballs of a targeted audience in trade publications. Contextual matching technology can attach ads to relevant content, potentially delivering your message at just the right time to a buyer. These are not your same old banner ads either; auto-loading video makes for a much richer experience.  

Direct access to your market: For marketers with limited budget or time, publications can be a lead-gen angel. The ability to get your content out to a trade publication’s readership, can help get prospects to the bottom of the funnel fast.  

Turnkey tools for engagement: Publishers are doing so much more than reporting on the news today. They’re partnering with marketers on webinars, making videos and producing podcasts Their access to resources can make them an easy, cost-effective option. 

Print advertising: There weren’t many people in the group that had produced a print ad in recent memory. However Berger says print isn’t completely dead. “It’s a generational thing, mostly with the C-Suite,” he says. 

Faster results than SEO: At a trade publication, you can market to a targeted audience immediately. Going the SEO route and helping prospects find you in the Google world takes time to optimize and can be expensive. You can get a lot of unqualified leads in the process, too. On the flip side, if you’re nurturing prospects through a lengthy sales cycle, ease and speed aren’t the only priority. Establishing credibility and familiarity is a long game won through SEO, blog posts and relevant content throughout the funnel.  

Sponsored content: Having a publication write a piece for you which you then sponsor can be a turnkey tactic. It can also be effective. According to Berger, SupplyChainBrain sees a higher click-through rate when they write it than when companies write it.  

More bang for the buck: Just getting your company in a trade publication’s directory—in front of a very targeted audience—can be an easy, affordable and often-overlooked conduit for leads.  

What do you think?  

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Conrad Winter is a freelance copywriter specializing in content and copy writing for transportation and logistics. Based in Metuchen, NJ, he creates website copy, campaigns, blog posts, whitepapers and case studies for carriers, 3PLs and industry associations. 

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