Hunter or Farmer: What’s your Sales M.O.?

Are you a Hunter or Farmer? If you are in sales, this question is often asked when referring to your sales personality profile. When it comes to sales strategy and your most effective approach, it’s good to instantly know which one you are.

Hunters are known as the doers and get their sales energy through “hunting” new opportunities. They like the chase of it all. With independence being in their nature, they show a lot of initiative and are solution-driven. Focusing on big deals is more their speed and as soon as they close their current prospect, they are quickly on to the next opportunity. 

It is said that the best sales hunters know they have their own personal goals and they continue to look for ways to boost their performance. Hunters seek out prospecting training to fix issues or will go out on their own and learn new approaches. They also will hold themselves accountable in uncovering and working qualified prospects.

Indicators of a Hunter

  • Philosophy: Sales is a numbers game. Keep calling, emailing, and following up
  • Usually believe “the next one will say yes”
  • Favorite tools: LinkedIn, CRM, Email, Phone
  • Traits: Build rapport quickly, focus on commissions, be persistent, independent 
  • Typical Positions: Sales Executive, Field Sales, Business Development  

Farmers, on the other hand, are team players who are more focused on developing that strong customer loyalty and forming long-term relationships. They prefer to get business out of their existing clients.  

Indicators of a Farmer

  • Common philosophy: Sales is a “people game.” You must build relationships with customers to grow existing opportunities 
  • Quoted as oftentimes saying: “They’ve renewed for another year”
  • Favorite tools: CRM, Email, Phone, Facebook
  • Traits: Builds lasting relationships, focuses on rapport with existing relationships, genuinely friendly, collaborative
  • Typical Positions: Key Account Executive, Inside Sales, Customer Success  

Are You A Hunter of Farmer?

Dominance: Level of aggressiveness (Hunters high, Farmers low)
Extroversion: Sociability (Hunters and Farmers both high)
Pace or Rate of motion (fast pace, go-go or slower moving): Hunters fast-paced, Farmers low)
Structure and Detail (Detail orientated or not): Farmers high, Hunters low

For a company to truly succeed in sales, it needs both types of people on its sales team. It is important to be able to identify each personality characteristics, their skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses so you can create a balanced team of both hunters and farmers – ultimately leading to a strong salesforce.  

Having hunters but no farmers will help with rapid customer acquisition, but you will have trouble keeping up with your existing base. Likewise, having farmers but no hunters will help you achieve a loyal customer base, but you will have a difficult time expanding the company to new customers and opportunities. 

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