SEO and the Buyer's Journey for Logistics Brands

By Nate Dame, CEO and Founder, Propecta

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6 Keys to Jump-starting Sales

By John Boyens, Sales Productivity Expert, Business Strategist and Performance Coach. He'll also be presenting a TMSA Webinar, "Never Cold Call Again: LinkedIn Prospecting Secrets."

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Matching for Employment: Analyzing Preferences for Retention & Growth

By: Beth Potratz, President and CEO, Drive My Way, Inc. 

The ever evolving world of technology continues to shape the employment relationship. Job seekers are searching for that perfect job where their career meets their lifestyle. Technology has allowed us to dissect and identify nearly every aspect of the world around us, providing unique insight into our individual preferences, skill sets, and identifiable attributes. There is no stronger case to apply this information than to the recruitment and selection process. 

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Why Work for a Company if they Don’t Allow Your Personal Brand to Grow?

By Marcus Sheridan, Principal, The Sales Lion and Keynote Speaker at TMSA's 2017 Transportation Marketing & Sales Conference.

We live in such an amazing time period. One where, assuming they are motivated, anyone can absolutely build their individual brand and bring more value to the world. Of course, the most prominent way this can be done is through all the social media and digital platforms available to each of us at a minimal cost.

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5 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

By Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute and TMSA Keynote for 2016 Transportation Marketing & Sales Conference

In what usually is a rather uneventful month for news, December proved us all wrong in 2016. A number of newsworthy activities related to the content marketing industry appeared on the radar this month, and I believe they could work as a crystal ball for content marketers as we move into 2017.

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Map Out the Buyer’s Journey for Business Results

By Brian Everett, ABC, Chief Executive Officer of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

Recently I’ve been hearing more conversations among TMSA members about the need to “put yourself in your buyers’ shoes.” To better understand their business, challenges, and pain points. Only then are you in the ideal position to offer them the best solution that fits their supply chain needs.

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Sales Success: An Art and a Science

By John Boyens, Boyens Group (and TMSA Affiliate member)

To ensure Sales Success month-in and month-out sales professionals must master the art as well as the science of selling!  Most salespeople focus on the art of selling.  The art includes building rapport, creating personal relationships, good communication skills, etc.  All very important!  Equally important is the science of selling.  The science includes the creation of individual success formulas, establishing activity levels and most importantly following a sales processes that is repeatable and scalable. Our Productive Selling Zone® is a 5-step, consultative sales and sales management process that ensures buyer/seller alignment. The 5 steps are:

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A focus on the big “L” in Thought Leadership

We’re continuing our blog series on Thought Leadership in today’s post, with a focus on the “Leadership” aspect of it!   We recently sat down to chat with Anne Miner, Founder and President of The Dunvegan Group, a full service marketing research firm, and long-time dedicated TMSA Member.  

Here’s a Q&A of what she shared with us:

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TMSA's Round-Up On Thought Leadership

2016 has been a terrific year for TMSA members and growing their knowledge and expertise in content marketing! We had an incredible conference with record-breaking attendance in June, receiving exceptional advice and insights from the founder of the Content Market Institute and our opening keynote, Joe Pulizzi. Joe’s keynote and many other TMSA sessions inspired us to launch a blog series all about thought leadership and content marketing.

What better way to end the year, than with a ‘round up’ of the advice from thought leaders in our very midst? As a season’s greeting and the gift of inspiration from TMSA to you, here’s what thought leaders in our industry have to say:

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TMSA 2016 In Review: Highlights of Emerging Trends in Marketing, Sales

By Scott Grady, SVP Automotive Solutions, Landstar, and Brian Everett, CEO of TMSA

The end of the year is upon us (can you believe there’s only 17 days remaining in 2016?!) As you finish your marketing and sales planning and budgets, we couldn’t let you ring in the new year without leaving you with a reflection of the many things accomplished at the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association. With more than 70 companies joining so far in 2016, we’ve seen a very positive response from the market in TMSA’s new value in helping members and their companies to make sales, marketing and communications strategies more effective, productive, and profitable. It’s been a successful year, indeed.

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Volunteer with TMSA and Build Your Leadership Skills, Network

By Brian Everett, CEO, the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

There are some incredible things happening with TMSA driven by several factors. We're experiencing solid growth in members among all segments within North American transportation - including motor carriers, 3PLs, maritime players (port authorities and ocean carriers), technology innovators, etc. This is driven, to a large degree, by a growing interest in how to effectively drive business results through strategic and intelligent marketing and sales initiatives. 

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Using a Buyer’s Journey can Increase Revenue by 80%

By Nate Dame, CEO and Founder, Propecta

What if I told you there was one marketing strategy that could offer you an 80% annual increase in upsell and cross-sell revenue? Most companies would drop everything and start focusing on that immediately.

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What's Driving Communication & Branding Success in 2016?

By Brian Everett, Chief Executive Officer of TMSA. Part 3 of a 4-part series on "Highlights from the 2016 TMSA Connections Events."

Nearly 40 marketing, communications, and sales professionals attended two TMSA Connections events last month in Atlanta and Chicago. The next TMSA Connections event takes place in Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 9. These events are intended to give executives an overview of key industry metrics as I report on the 2016 TMSA Sales & Marketing Metrics Study - and ultimately into "speed learning" discussion groups.

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What's Driving Sales Success in 2016? TMSA Connections Participants Shed Light

Nearly 40 sales and marketing professionals attended two TMSA Connections events last month in Atlanta and Chicago.  These events are intended to give executives an overview of key industry metrics as I report on the 2016 TMSA Sales & Marketing Metrics Study - and ultimately we then go into what we call "speed learning" discussion groups.

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Up Sell Best Practices

By Bob Rippel, Chief Learning Officer of RJ Learning Group and active TMSA member. For more information, visit

As we all know, in Q4 the transportation industry shifts into high gear. There’s more pressure on you and your customers to meet decreased transit times, manage small delivery windows and react to quickly changing customer demands. Due to this additional focus on specific transportation requirements, your customers are more willing to consider service upgrades or options that they usually would not. This is a prime opportunity for the customer service team to leverage the relationships they’ve built to identify "Up Sell" opportunities. All it takes is a question or two to open the conversation, to assist the customer in meeting their Q4 goals and their customers’ requirements. Follow these Best Practices to increase revenue and customer retention during Q4.

Leverage Trust and Credibility
Focus on those customers where you’ve built trust and credibility over the prior year. This is essential if you’re going to ask for more business, or an upgrade of service. Identify those customers that you’ve helped out of a tight spot in the past, or where you’ve simply been consistent in meeting their expectations. HINT: Sometimes customers need to be reminded of all the times you’ve met or beat their service requirements, and not the one time you did not!

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What's Hot In Marketing This Year? TMSA Connections Participants Shed Light

By Brian Everett, Chief Executive Officer of TMSA. Part 1 of a 4-part series on Highlights from the 2016 TMSA Connections Events.

Nearly 40 marketing and sales professionals attended two TMSA Connections events last week in Atlanta and Chicago.  These events are intended to give executives an overview of key industry metrics as I report on the 2016 TMSA Sales & Marketing Metrics Study - and ultimately we then go into what we call "speed learning" discussion groups.

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Sales Metrics Highlight Lack of Process

By Colin Longren, Vice President & General Manager of The Millau Group (

After reviewing the TMSA 2016 Metric Study, I want to highlight three critical areas of the Sales Metrics Section that executives and sales leaders should be concerned with if they’re in the Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Industry:

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The Do’s and Don’ts For Creating A Thought Leadership Campaign

We are continuing our thought leadership blog series today with a comprehensive list of the “Do’s and Don’ts” for creating a Thought Leadership campaign.

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TMSA Members Receive 2016 EPA SmartWay Award

The Transportation Marketing & Sales Association congratulates the 43 winners of the 2016 EPA SmartWay Excellence Awards – particularly the members of TMSA that received the award, including Bison Transport, C.A.T. Inc., J.B. Hunt Transport, PITT OHIO, and UPS.

EPA's SmartWay Excellence Awards recognizes exceptional achievement among EPA SmartWay Partners. Companies receiving the award lead the way in reducing climate change and air pollution emissions from freight supply chains. Those receiving the awards are chosen from more than 3,000 companies and organizations participating in SmartWay.

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Top 10 Tips For Thought Leadership (by Adrian Gonzalez)

The “Top 10” for Thought Leadership Marketing From Supply Chain Guru Adrian Gonzalez

TMSA continues our "Perspectives from Thought Leaders" series, where visionaries in our industry share their ideas, perspectives and stories about the essence of thought leadership. This blog post is the fifth in a Thought Leadership series brought to you exclusively by the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association. TMSA sat down with Adrian Gonzalez to get his perspectives on key questions around thought leadership. 

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