Reflecting on the TMSA Conference and New Progress Being Made

By Scott Grady, SVP, Automotive Solutions, Landstar Transportation and TMSA Chairman

We are pleased to report that the 2017 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference (themed “The Buyer’s Journey”) was a success. More than 40% attending the conference provided feedback on their evaluation of the event - and an overwhelming response rate (98%) from those who attended stated the conference met or exceeded their expectations!

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Silver Sales Bullet: Match Your Selling Style to Customers' Buying Styles

Recently during an educational TMSA webinar, Joel McGinley of TranStrategy Partners provided practical advice to members on how to understand buying styles as it relates to the DISC approach. This information can then be used in your sales initiatives, business relationships, and more! Here are a few highlights from this webinar.

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Four buying styles are based on the DISC behavioral model, and they control how we like to communicate and be communicated with. They also can help you to determine how customers prefer to make purchasing decisions, and the speed with which they prefer to make them. You should match your “selling style” to their “buying style.” Look for clues in the buying style of your prospects and customers, and adjust your selling style to match their buying style. You’ll be amazed at the results!

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Consultative + Strategic Selling

By Ricardo Roman, Director of Association Manager for Caliper, an employee-assessment and talent-management-solutions company that helps businesses align talent with strategy; hire better people faster; and develop leaders, teams, and mission-critical employees. This is the final part of a 3-part series based upon discussions on "Effective Sales Practices to Improve Your Performance" Roman facilitated during the recent 2017 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference.

Previously in this series we introduced the concept of competitive positioning and discussed why it’s important to align your company’s strategy with the right sales model. We looked deeply at the New Business Development model in conjunction with an operational-efficiency strategy. Now, let’s look at two other models, Consultative Selling and Strategic Selling, and explore how they align with a customer-intimacy strategy and an innovation strategy respectively. 

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9 Things to Deliver in a Strategic Planning Process

By Mike Brown, Brainzooming, past TMSA Logistics Conference keynote and TMSA member.

What can you expect from a "strategic planning process?" That question was the topic of several recent conversations.

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What Do You Actually Need from your Sales Force?

By Rick Roman, Director of Association Management, Caliper Corp. Caliper consults with executives on hiring, employee development, team building, executive coaching succession planning and organizational performance. Roman facilitated an Interactive Roundtable Discussion Group at the 2017 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference, "Effective Sales to Improve Your Performance." This is the second installment of a three-part series that outlines his primary observations from these discussion groups.

The first article in this series discussed the increasing complexity of the business environment and the corresponding impact that change has had on the sales field. We have seen three separate job models emerge in response to changing expectations between vendors and customers. This second article will take a deeper look at one of those models, New Business Development, and how a company’s unique competitive position affects which model is right for them.

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How Can Marketing Automation Help your Business Thrive?

This is the first article in a series on how marketing automation can help you business grow and thrive. Guest author is Jill Schmieg, founder and chief strategist at Sol de Naples Marketing, a marketing services firm specializing in helping B2B companies find brighter ways to reach their markets. Learn more at

With more than half of B2B marketers using some form of marketing automation, it is astonishing that 85% of them feel they’re not using it to its fullest potential. (Source: EmailMonday and SiriusDecisions)

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What's the Best Sales Model for Your Company?

By Rick Roman, Director of Association Management, Caliper Corp. Caliper consults with executives on hiring, employee development, team building, executive coaching succession planning and organizational performance. Roman facilitated an Interactive Roundtable Discussion Group at the recent TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference in early June. The topic? Effective Sales to Improve Your Performance. This is the first installment of a three-part series that outlines his primary observations from these discussion groups.

To say that the business environment is growing more complex for most companies is to understate a rather obvious truth, and the impact is perhaps most evident in the world of sales. Today’s customer expects unique value, meaningful business impact, and measurable ROI from partnering with vendors. Success often hinges on the sales professional’s ability to act as a trusted adviser by packaging solutions and conveying value in accordance with those expectations.

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The Buyer Persona + Market Segmentation

By Art Moryedi, Senior Consultant & Creative Director at Marlik Group, a creative branding, marketing and advertising agency. 

It was with great pleasure to facilitate the Buyer Persona and Segmentation Round Table Discussion at the TMSA 2017 Conference. This brief article (one in a two-part series) reflects what was discussed and its significance in developing a successful digital marketing strategy. 

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TMSA Honors 2017 Members of the Year

Congratulations to three individuals who were honored as the 2017 TMSA Members of the Year. Every year, TMSA acknowledges individual professionals within TMSA's membership who demonstrate exemplary service, leadership and results in their volunteer efforts to advance the mission of the association.

"As a professional industry non-profit association, TMSA relies heavily on the efforts of its volunteer leaders - which makes these awards so significantly important," says Brian Everett, CEO of TMSA.

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They Ask, You Answer: Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, Today’s Digital Consumer

"I'm looking completely differently at how my company goes to market and interacts with customers."

"I'd like to be much more transparent with customers and prospects on how we do things. For example, I don't think I'd actually put rates on our company website, but I like the idea of at least explaining how we develop our rates and what goes into our pricing process."

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From Transactional to Transformational: Successfully Adding Managed Transportation Services

By JP Wiggins, Co-Founder and Vice President of Logistics at 3Gtms, where he manages channels and partnerships for the company.

As part of a natural evolution of their existing offerings, many carriers and brokers are looking to managed transportation services (MTS) to provide greater value for their customers and growth for their organization.

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Radical Careering: Finding Success and Passion in Your Life

Insights from Sally Hogshead, author, consultant, speaker and guru of all things work-related (and Keynote Speaker at a previous TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference).

What's "radical careering?" It involves concepts, ideas, inspiration and transformation. But while the concepts and mindsets of radical careering can help you to become successful, it challenges you to define how you see success.

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How Your Organization Can Use Salesforce Chatter

By Traci Whetzel, Concept Services, a Business Development and CRM Solutions firm and TMSA Affiliate member. Concept Services is a Salesforce partner with more than 15 years experience helping organizations win new business from new customers.

Chatter is often made fun of as the “social media” of Salesforce, and until recently, I agreed with that. Boy, was I wrong. First, a little background on what Chatter (technically) is and how long it has been around.

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Ignorance of Digital Marketing: The Silent Killer

By Art Moryedi, Marlik Group, a creative design and inbound marketing agency. This firm specializes in helping businesses that are serious about their business growth and want to generating more leads, increase sales and improve ROI.

One of the most widespread causes of failure today comes down to ignorance and denial on how the world works today. Forces such as inbound marketing, social media, and the share economy are radically reshaping many industries. If you're not keeping up with these realities or choose to ignore them, your competitors will leapfrog ahead of you. Let's look at why ignorance of marketing trends is a silent killer for businesses.

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Business Strategy – How to Handle Confidential Information

By Mike Brown, Brainzooming, and valued Contributor to TMSA’s Thought Leadership

Last week’s “Inside the Executive Suite” from Armada Corporate Intelligence featured ideas for how to handle confidential information. The business strategy focus revolved around how an executive can maintain confidences while employing confidential information to best benefit his or her organization. While passing along confidential information was more in the news last week than this week, it’s a daily issue in business.

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Network Analysis Takes on More Importance

By David Roush, President, KSM Transport Advisors and TMSA Member

We keep seeing signs that things are looking up for the trucking industry. Most of the relevant economic indicators are favorable for trucking. Commodities are getting stronger, oil rig counts are increasing and the housing recovery is persisting. At the same time, small businesses are feeling a greater sense of optimism, and improvements to the tax code may boost entrepreneurialism. Low unemployment rates ultimately will lead to higher wages, giving consumers more money to spend and putting more goods on trucks. 

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Congrats to TMSA Members Named IL Top 100 Logistics IT Providers

Congratulations to these TMSA members that were named on the 2017 “Top 100 Logistics IT Providers” list by Inbound Logistics magazine:

Llamasoft Inc.
Cass Information Systems
CDM Software Solutions

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Top Trends Transforming Digital Marketing

For the last three years, digital marketing has rated high in marketing and sales strategies and investments within transportation and logistics. This assessment is based from results from the TMSA Sales & Marketing Metrics Study, a compilation of current marketing and sales practices with transportation (all modes) and logistics companies throughout North America.

So what are some of the emerging trends should you be aware of when developing and managing your digital and social marketing? From the evolving world of artificial intelligence to expectations of instant communications, Stacy DeBroff, CEO and founder of Influence-Central, shares her take in a recent Forbes article. Her observations on the social and digital marketing horizon are based on research and work with more than 350 national brands last year.

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Does Your Company Allow Your Personal Brand to Grow?

By Marcus Sheridan, President, The Sales Lion and 2017 Keynote Speaker of the upcoming TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference June 11-13 at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort near Jacksonville, Fla.

We live in such an amazing time period. One where, assuming they are motivated, anyone can absolutely build their individual brand and bring more value to the world.

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Congrats to 2017 Compass Award Recipients

TMSA announces the recipients of the 2017 TMSA Compass Awards Program. In its 65th year of existence, this awards program recognizes marketing and sales best practices by transportation and logistics companies that ultimately demonstrate effective execution and measurable business results.

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