Sales Metrics Highlight Lack of Process

By Colin Longren, Vice President & General Manager of The Millau Group (

After reviewing the TMSA 2016 Metric Study, I want to highlight three critical areas of the Sales Metrics Section that executives and sales leaders should be concerned with if they’re in the Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Industry:

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The Do’s and Don’ts For Creating A Thought Leadership Campaign

We are continuing our thought leadership blog series today with a comprehensive list of the “Do’s and Don’ts” for creating a Thought Leadership campaign.

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TMSA Members Receive 2016 EPA SmartWay Award

The Transportation Marketing & Sales Association congratulates the 43 winners of the 2016 EPA SmartWay Excellence Awards – particularly the members of TMSA that received the award, including Bison Transport, C.A.T. Inc., J.B. Hunt Transport, PITT OHIO, and UPS.

EPA's SmartWay Excellence Awards recognizes exceptional achievement among EPA SmartWay Partners. Companies receiving the award lead the way in reducing climate change and air pollution emissions from freight supply chains. Those receiving the awards are chosen from more than 3,000 companies and organizations participating in SmartWay.

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Top 10 Tips For Thought Leadership (by Adrian Gonzalez)

The “Top 10” for Thought Leadership Marketing From Supply Chain Guru Adrian Gonzalez

TMSA continues our "Perspectives from Thought Leaders" series, where visionaries in our industry share their ideas, perspectives and stories about the essence of thought leadership. This blog post is the fifth in a Thought Leadership series brought to you exclusively by the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association. TMSA sat down with Adrian Gonzalez to get his perspectives on key questions around thought leadership. 

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Communication Within Supply Chain Management: Listen, Learn and Lead

TMSA's CEO Brian Everett had the opportunity to recently attend the Automotive Logistics Global Conference in mid-September in Detroit. The event was sponsored by several companies active in TMSA, including Landstar, Hub Group, C.H. Robinson, Penske, American Journal of Transportation, and Inbound Logistics. He shares a few observations here:

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Breaking Brand: How Important is “Brand” to a Transportation Service Provider?

By Michael Stewart, Partner, Realm Inc.

At the TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference this last June, I had an opportunity to sit down and chat with some of the brightest marketers in transportation while facilitating an Interactive Roundtable Discussion. We had an in-depth discussion about “Brand” and the importance it represents to a service provider in the transportation industry. Participants included Dino Moler, EVP of Client Solutions at LeSaint Logistics; Beth Malik, Director of Marketing at SMC3; Troy Grabel, Director of Marketing at Lean Logistics; Elena Izakson, Director of Marketing at Hub Group; Lionel Johnston, Corporate Marketing Manager at Bison Transport; Sheila Dougherty, Marketing Director at Kansas City Southern. The breadth of the conversation was really interesting.

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Proven Prospecting Techniques

By John Boyens, Sales Productivity Expert, Business Strategist, and Executive Coach

Most of the businesses in the United States earn the majority of their revenue by selling to existing clients. While that’s a component in the overall success and profitability of a business it is critically important for salespeople to prospect and develop business relationships with new clients on a consistent basis. 

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Thought Leadership: Where Do Customers Fit In? Perspectives from Phil Yeager


Customer Experience Thought Leader, Phil Yeager, Executive Vice President, Account Management and Intermodal Operations at Hub Group.

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A CEO's Perspective: The Sales Life

By Jeff McMahon, CEO, ZMac Transportation Solutions LLC

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What Makes You A Good Thought Leader? Ellen Voie Speaks

Perspectives from Thought Leaders: Ellen Voie, Founder and CEO of the Women In Trucking Association

TMSA introduces our “Perspectives from Thought Leaders” series, where visionaries in our industry share their ideas, perspectives and stories about the essence of thought leadership. This blog post is the second in this series brought to you exclusively by the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association.

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Best Practices and Epic Fails in CRM

By Ken Kish, Managing Director, the Marketing Alliance

I had the pleasure of facilitating an Interactive Roundtable Discussion on "Best Practices and Epic Fails in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems" at the recent TMSA Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference. The conversation centered around best practices in CRM - and how to avoid landmines. Here are highlights from the discussion:

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Content Marketing Is Key To Unlocking Sales

By Cassidy Haley, Sales and Marketing Intern, MindShare Strategies, Inc.

Listening to Joe Pulizzi, author of Content Inc., at the TMSA conference in early June really resonated with me. As I listened to Joe, it became very clear to me that marketing and sales go hand in hand. As a recent graduate looking for a sales position, I am looking for all the insight I can on how to become a success in sales.

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Ways to Best Get and Keep Attention of Logistics Buyers

By Jim Bierfeldt, President, Logistics Marketing Advisors

A buyer of logistics services once told me “I get so many solicitations from logistics providers that I could spend half my time just responding to these inquiries.”

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9 Easy Steps to Launch a Thought Leadership Program

By Jill Schmieg, Founder and Chief Strategist, Sol de Naples Marketing

TMSA continues to bring you great ideas and perspectives on what it takes to get a Thought Leadership program off the ground in your organization. TMSA introduces our “Perspectives from Thought Leaders” series, where visionaries in our industry share their ideas, perspectives and stories about the essence of thought leadership. This blog post is the first in a Thought Leadership series brought to you exclusively by the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association.

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Common Discussions and Best Practices for Effective Websites

By Nelson Bruton, President, Interchanges

I had the pleasure of facilitating an Interactive Roundtable Discussion on "Website Best Practices" at the recent TMSA Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference. The conversation was about the things to take into consideration when building a new website or when trying to improve an existing website. Here are highlights from the discussion:

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Generating Meaningful Customer Feedback for Meaningful Action

At TMSA's recent Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference, participants representing such well known companies as Fedex, Saddle Creek Logistics, SupplyChainBrain, ODW Logistics and the American Logistics Aid Network gathered over lunch to discuss their company's use of customer feedback for meaningful action. The conversation was facilitated by Anne Miner, President of The Dunvegan Group who encouraged all participants to share their experiences and best practices.

Receiving customer feedback did not appear to be a problem; the challenge lies in capturing the information from a wide array of channels and organizing it in a useful way. Some participants were compiling information from their inbound call centers, sales teams, accounts receivable, social media posts as well as incoming email and web inquiries. In some cases, text analytics were being used to identify themes within the feedback.

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Empowering Your Sales Workforce

Empowering Your Sales Workforce

By Katlynn Goodsell, TMSA Marketing Intern
Out of all of the breakout sessions at the recent TMSA conference, this definitely wasn’t one to miss. The presenter, Chris Patterson of Jacksonville-based Interchanges, began his session by telling his personal story. He explained how, at a younger age, he "got a little lost," dropped out of school, and was stuck inside his own mind until his father took him to see a man by the name of Zig Zigler. Later in life, Zigler ended up mentoring him for a year in exchange for three hours of personal training per week. What an amazing opportunity for Chris! This man became a huge mentor to Chris, and because of him he decided to turn his life around and use his life to his full potential. 

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Brexit: A Marketer’s Response to Media Hype

By Tom Sullivan, CEO, Princeton Partners 

Don’t get me wrong; the British vote to leave the EU is a very big development which I will follow with interest.  I just don’t like the headlines and soundbites I hear from television commentators who hype up the impact and instill anxiety in a large proportion of their audience. Example Soundbite: Market reaction to Brexit caused the average U.S. retirement account to lose over $3,000 in one day.
My take: To the half of American adults who have little or no retirement savings, the factoid is mostly irrelevant.  To families who are investing in IRAs and 401Ks, this decline should enable them to attain higher long term returns as long as they continue to invest a portion of every paycheck and benefit from dollar cost averaging.  Market disruptions and recessions and market corrections come and go.  It is well documented that ignoring the short term noise and staying the course over time (decades) is the best strategy to building growth in retirement savings.
My Concern: The focus on negative news weighs on consumer confidence which is a key driver of economic growth. An alternative is to focus on the positives.  For instance, consumer credit, which is also a driver of economic growth, will be cheaper since interest rates will likely not rise in the next six months.  Debt can be more easily refinanced by consumers and businesses can leverage lower cost debt to invest in their future growth.
My Advice for Marketers: So how is a marketer to act in an economic environment where there is increased volatility, risk aversion and fear amplified by media? Here are four strategies marketers should be pursuing:
  • Product – Find ways to increase the real value of your products and services. You want to increase the value in the benefits/costs equation by enhancing benefits. Think about how automobile companies and dealers are capitalizing on continuously improving features and performance while reducing the total cost of leasing or ownership over time.
  •  Messaging – Help people to see and understand your value. First, you need to understand where your value is important, relevant and competitive. Once identified, bring that to the forefront of the consumers’ understanding.
  •  Tools – Develop decision-making tools to help consumers actually make decisions when you have their attention and engagement. Create a digital experience that makes research and evaluation easy and the decision to buy rewarding.
  •  Hypertargeting – This is the biggest opportunity for marketers today. Data-driven marketing, powered by big data and analytics, enables marketers to precisely target the prospects most likely to buy your product or service based on their personas, behaviors and interests.  Take advantage of the technologies that enable the personalization of messaging to individuals and the development of a dialogue with the brands you are responsible for.

Journey Mapping: Understanding 8 Phases of the Guest Experience to Accomplish Your Event Goals

By Brynn Everett, Marketing & Communications Project Manager, MindShare Strategies

Maritz Travel asks an important question in terms of events: “How can you create an experience that effectively captures the attention of your guests?” An event’s experience is key for guest engagement and delivering results. Without an exceptional and unique experience, attracting and retaining guests can be a struggle.

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Flashback: What Did You Miss At The TMSA Conference This Year?

"More ideas to strengthen my marketing than I ever imagined!"

"Collaborative idea sharing and peer networking that was incredible. Great value."

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