Transportation 101: Better Understanding the Freight Industry

By Keaton Everett, Sales & Marketing Intern, MindShare Strategies

As a newcomer to the transportation industry, I recently attended the TMSA Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. One session I attended was ideal, as it laid out the foundation for this industry. Most modes for transportation were covered: truck, rail/intermodal, and ocean.

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The Content Brand: The Future of Content Marketing

By Katlynn Goodsell, Marketing & Communication Intern, MindShare Strategies

Joe Pulizzi is the face of content marketing. He founded the Content Marketing Institute and has an intense amount of energy when speaking. He has a way of keeping you drawn and his words force you to listen. Pulizzi was the keynote speaker at TMSA’s Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference held in Fort Lauderdale this past week. His keynote speech was focused around how to build an audience with a content brand using six phases:

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Building A Relationship With Your Audience Through Valued Content

By Brynn Everett, Marketing & Communications Project Manager, MindShare Strategies

With today’s fragmented communication and marketing channels, and complete control resting in the hands of the consumer, companies are forced to rethink their go-to-market strategies. One key takeaway from Joe Pulizzi’s “The Content Brand,” is to focus on the relationship of the customer. Many companies treat content like advertising, not taking into consideration what the consumer actually wants and values. He says, “You must create value for your audience BEFORE you extract value.” Pulizzi argues to reverse the common strategy. Instead of pursing and bombarding leads, first build a relationship with your audience, and leads will follow.

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Why Is It Important To Recognize Marketing and Sales Executives?

By Brian Everett, CEO of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

TMSA is all about encouraging our members to be the best they can be. It's something we take serious and is part of our value proposition: TMSA helps its members and their companies to make sales, marketing and communications strategies more effective, productive, and profitable - and we do this, in part, through recognition. 

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Shorten the Sales Cycle: 6 Tips for Reaching Logistics Decision Makers

As a sales professional, you know how difficult it can be to reach decision makers. Maybe they’re too busy for a phone conversation or you’re just not targeting the right people. Whatever it may be, if you’re looking to shorten the sales cycle, you need to understand who your best buyers are in order to fuel your pipeline with new contacts.

Here are 6 tips to help you grow your sales pipeline with new contacts and shorten the sales cycle:

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3 Core Components to Powerful Content Marketing

By Kenneth Kowal, Founder,

When it comes to using content marketing for your logistics company it should not be a matter of if, but how.

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Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

This “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic shows how various online marketing channels can work together to develop an integrated online lead generation campaign. This infographic can help you to:

  • Understand how multiple outlets of the Internet can be combined to create an impactful online lead generation campaign
  • Recognize problems in your campaign that can be costing you leads
  • Find new alternatives to revise and scale your current campaign

The top hexagons shows the various channels that can be used to bring traffic to your website. The middle section represents the reporting, contacting and lead validation process, which should be managed by more experienced Internet marketers. Lastly, shown at the bottom the leads gathered become a new customer. (Click image to view larger)

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3PLs and Logistics Service Providers—Is the Future Changing?

By Tom Craig, President of LTD Management, a supply chain and logistics consulting firm.

Reverse outsourcing. Cutting out the middle man. Not using the usual suspects. These are what shippers—retailers, manufacturers, and others—are doing. At the same time, 3PLs and logistics service providers (LSPs) are dealing with and competing in a commoditized industry where price is the key differentiator.

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Content Marketers: Your WHAT Doesn't Matter if Your WHY Is Lacking

By Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute

Joe Pulizzi will be the Opening Keynote Speaker at the upcoming TMSA Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference June 5-7 in Fort Lauderdale. He shares perspectives from one of his recent blogs here:

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The 5 Keys to Sales Leadership

By John Boyens, Sales Productivity Expert and Business Strategist, Boyens Group

Most sales leaders I know didn’t go into sales leadership because they demonstrated a specific skill or because they expressed an interest. Very simply put they were good salespeople so someone promoted them to a leadership position without giving them the necessary tools, professional development opportunities and/or management training to be successful in the short term. Here are the 5 keys to sales leadership based upon my 40+ years in sales and sales leadership as well as best practices of other, successful sales leaders:

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Increase Your Brand's Visibility Using These 5 Tactics

By Phillip Thune, Textbroker 

Did you know that each day, the average adult takes in nearly 10 hours of media and also views approximately 360 media ads, according to unique research conducted by Media Dynamics? With so many sources of information and media messages out there, your business may need to take additional steps beyond posting new content to be seen and heard above all the clutter.

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TMSA Members Receiving 2016 "Best Fleets to Drive For" Awards

The "Best Fleets to Drive For" award identifies trends, shares best practices, and publicly recognizes the for-hire carriers providing the best workplaces for their drivers. Launched in 2008 CarriersEdge and the Truckload Carriers Association, this award is open to any for-hire trucking company operating 10 trucks or more in the U.S. or Canada.

TMSA member companies that received the 2016 "Best Fleets to Drive For" award are Landstar and Bison Transport. This is Landstar's fifth time in a row to receive this award; and Bison Transport's fourth time to receive this award. Congratulations to these TMSA members for their outstanding achievements!

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ArcBest Executives Participate in Nasdaq Opening Bell Ceremony

By Kathy Fieweger, recent Chief Marketing Officer and Current Consultant at ArcBest Corporation

On November 9, 2015, ArcBest President and CEO Judy R. McReynolds and other members of the company’s management team rang the “opening bell” at the Nasdaq headquarters in New York for the first time in our 22-year history as a Nasdaq-listed company. This exciting milestone, broadcast live on all the financial TV news channels, followed and celebrated ArcBest’s comprehensive corporate rebranding in May 2014. That historic event included a new parent company name and ticker symbol, brand positioning, logos, websites, ad campaign called The Skill & The Will and much more.

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TMSA Models Sound Business Practice With Its Research-Based Approach To Strategy Development

By Scott Grady, Senior Vice President, Landstar System, Inc.

The Transportation Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA) has undergone a series of changes over the past three years and your Board of Directors is refreshing its strategy to deliver member value. With many questions to ponder, and decisions to be make, our Board sought input and insights from TMSA members. The process undertaken in collaboration with The Dunvegan Group (an Affiliate Member of TMSA) in designing the study, capturing and analyzing member responses, summarizing and interpreting the findings, models best practice in creating the foundation for strategy development.

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Congratulations to TMSA Member Companies Receiving 2015 Green Award

Supply & Demand Chain magazine's 2015 Green Supply Chain Awards recognize companies that are making green or sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy, and working to achieve measurable sustainability goals within their own operations and/or supply chains, in the areas of sourcing/procurement, fulfillment/logistics, operations, product life cycle management and other areas of the supply chain. The awards also recognize providers of supply chain solutions and services assisting their customers in achieving measurable sustainability goals. 

TMSA member companies that received the 2015 Green Supply Chain Awards include Cass Information Systems, Kenco, and Satellite Logistics Group.

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New Perspectives: What Effective B2B Content Marketing Looks Like

How many transportation and logistics companies even know what effective B2B content marketing looks like? It's a question that plagues our industry - and many TMSA members. That's one reason why TMSA has secured Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and a leading expert on content marketing, as its keynote of the 2016 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference.

CMI recently release findings of its annual content marketing survey. Pulizzi notes that over the years, CMI has focused much of its efforts and research on effectiveness. But this year, while his team was discussing new questions for the survey, they stepped back and asked the same question as TMSA.

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What is the Value of the ‘T’ in TMSA?

By Lionel Johnston, Corporate Marketing Manager, Bison Transport

At the height of the Mad Men era (1964), Bob Dylan released one of his top singles, “The Times They Are A Changin’”.  At the time the hit song was largely considered a social commentary, but if the song were released today you could argue The King of Folk may have been signing about marketing, as the industry continues to shift.  With the growth of new, wide-spread tactics like email marketing, social media and pay-per-click advertising, plus emerging strategies such as geo-fencing, there are a lot of benefits to attending industry events like Content Marketing World, Hubspot’s Annual ‘Inbound’ Conference and Adobe Max, where we can learn about the advantages of such innovative technology.

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The Rally Cry: The Flood Disaster in South Carolina

By Kathy Fulton, Executive Director, American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)

“Epic” flooding in the past weeks has taken a toll on the people and businesses of South Carolina. At least 19 lives were lost, and damage estimates are currently at $1 billion and climbing. Communities are just now starting to understand the full impact of the situation, as what will certainly be a protracted recovery and new normal emerges.

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Leverage Your News Releases To Enhance Your Content Marketing

By Amanda Hicken, Senior Manager of Strategic Content, PR NewsWire

Because I've managed a number of blogs over the years, I'm familiar with how tempting it is to find the "magic bullet" to blog promotion - that one thing that will lead all your key stakeholders to the doorstep of your content. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t exist. There's no "cure-all formula."

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Transportation, Logistics Firms Rank Fastest-Growing in U.S.

Savvy marketers have been building their brand and reputations by working to get their companies identified on "top lists" of various media channels. This reputation-building strategy is no different for those in transportation and logistics. In fact, many have worked diligently to qualify their companies to be listed on the Inc. 5000 list - the business magazine's annual list of the fastest-growing private companies.

The companies on this year's Inc. 5000 list represent a diverse array of industries, including transportation and logistics as one of the larger industry categories (as ranked by the industry's total 2014 revenue). "This is yet another indicator of the importance of transportation and logistics in our domestic (and global!) economy," says Brian Everett, TMSA's CEO.

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