2018 TMSA March Membership Madness!

Member Madness

With all the expanded membership value in programming, networking, products and services, there's never been a better time to join TMSA - and you will be rewarded!

There are two ways in which you can participate:

1. If you're not currently a member but would like to join, you'll immediately benefit financially!
Apply for membership during the month of March, and when approved, you will receive a discount code to save on a future TMSA purchase. This code can be used on all eligible TMSA programs including the TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference, the TMSA Digital Marketing Conference (this fall), 2019 Compass Awards entries, future Connections events and webinars.

  • New members initiating an Individual membership will receive U.S. $50
  • New members initiating a Corporate membership will receive U.S. $75
  • New members initiating an Affiliate membership will receive U.S. $100

> Join TMSA

2. If you're an existing member, encourage those within your network to join, and you will also benefit!
Encourage those in your professional network to join the association and get rewarded financially - and publicly recognized for your efforts as part of the TMSA March Membership Madness Network!

  • Members will be asked to reach out to their contacts and introduce them to TMSA
  • After you have made initial contact using a membership template, you then will send the names to TMSA's CEO, who ultimately will reach back out to the prospect for clarification of interest and value in membership
  • Once five valid names/companies are submitted (1 name per company that is NOT a current member), the member receives a 5% discount code to be used on eligible TMSA programs
  • If you provide 10 names, you'll receive an additional 5%, for a total saving of 10% in a future TMSA purchase
  • If one of the submitted names officially joins TMSA, the existing member who referred them receives an additional 5% discount code (Total discount will equal either 10 or 15%, depending on the number of names submitted)
  • If two or more of the submitted names joins TMSA, an additional 5% will be given, for a total savings of either 15 or 20%, depending on the number of names submitted

> Download Email/Social PM Templates to make it easy to invite those in your network to join TMSA! 


> View our TMSA Membership brochure (.pdf)

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