2018 TMSA Webinar

"Modern SEO"
Mike Corak, Vice President/General Manager at DAC Group


Search Engine Optimization lives in an ever-evolving landscape. While many technical best practices have held true over the years, much of the opportunity to grow organic traffic and business is reliant on a strong understanding of ranking factor evolution, and the ability to integrate with related digital channels and overcome cross-discipline hurdles. With recent changes in Google’s algorithms, updates to search engine results pages for mobile and local, competition on the rise, more content than ever online, a focus on user experience and changing needs, and the rise of voice search, there has never been a better time to re-examine your SEO program for growth.

In this session, Mike will help attendees understand how SEO has evolved over the past years, where SEO is going, and how to close any gaps to future proof your program.

Attendees of this session will take away the following:

  • Understand what technical SEO short-falls are most common in the industry
  • Review how SEO has evolved and why tactical integration is the new key to search dominance
  • Identify the most important tactical partnerships needed for SEO success
  • Learn how you can identify and capitalize on your own unique SEO opportunities

About the Presenter: Mike Corak is a digital marketing thought leader and strategist with a proven 20-year track record of designing and orchestrating successful digital marketing programs. Mike has partnered with companies large and small including many of the world’s leading brands. Mike leads the charge on hundreds of digital marketing audits each year, and has a robust understanding of where common opportunities exist, and how to take advantage of them. An educator at heart, Mike enjoys sharing his knowledge to help others succeed, and as a member of the global SEMPO board (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization), search is big part of Mike’s focus.