2020 TMSA Webinar

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges and Disruptions in the COVID Economy
Best Practices by Leading Shippers


Could COVID-19 be the black swan event that finally forces many companies and entire industries to rethink and transform their supply chain models? This pandemic has created major changes and disruptions in freight flows and inventories, and has challenged the traditional models that we use to efficiently and safely deliver products to companies and consumers in a timely manner. As states now begin to open up their local economies, supply chain and transportation professionals continue to evaluate factors that range from production schedule agility, supplier risk, and extended supply networks to inbound and outbound logistics strategy, options to secure capacity, and global transportation planning scenarios. To be successful, providers of transportation and logistics services need to understand such complexities as well in order to earn business and bring value in the process. 

This virtual event will highlight perspectives and expertise from supply chain and transportation experts who have successfully navigated COVID-19. Attendees of this event will:

  • Gain market intelligence on how the pandemic crisis has dramatically changed transportation, logistics, business operations and supply chains – today and potentially months and years to come
  • Understand how this crisis has highlighted the need to transform traditional supply chain models – and ways in which the industry is already pivoting
  • Learn from shippers of well-known brands their supply chain approach to address immediate and long-term challenges and shifts in the marketplace

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Panelists include: Jason Adkins, Manager at Toyota Motor Corp.; Derek Doss, Logistics Manager with Smart Cabinetry; and Dave Belter, Vice President General Manager Transportation Management, Ryder System. Additional shippers to be announced shortly.