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2019 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference

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Peer-To-Peer Interactive Roundtable Discussions

Attend these "working lunch" sessions to share ideas, challenges, solutions, and best practices among your peers. You have your choice of selecting two of these topics (one on each day of the conference). Seating is limited - sign up with your choice of discussions prior to the beginning of the conference! 

Topics include:

  1. Website Strategy and SEO (Candi Cybator, Manager Marketing/PR, PITT OHIO)
  2. Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies through Digital (Mark Derks, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, Words at Work)
  3. Email is Not Dead: Hacks to Optimize Your Campaigns (Rachael Oury, Senior Marketing Manager, Transportation Intermediaries Association)
  4. Shipper of Choice: Holding Customers Accountable in CX (Kris Rzepkowski, Marketing & Communications, Bennett International)
  5. Sales Feedback with Marketing to Drive Results (Sponsored by Jill Schmieg, Chief Strategist, Sol de Naples Marketing)
  6. Building Brand Advocacy and Loyalty (Dallas Racklin, Transportation Marketing Strategist, AMT Squirrel Works)
  7. Creating Killer Content to Drive Engagement and Results (Jennifer Karpus-Romain, Director of Marketing, Intelestream)
  8. Defining Sales Compensation to Drive Results & Revenue (Jason Ickert, Integrated Logistics Manager, Energy Transportation Group)
  9. Improving Customer Experience Through Online Reputation Management (Hallie Fisher, SVP, Transportation & Consumer Brands, The Adcom Group & Craig Martin, Senior Executive Vice President, The Adcom Group)
  10. Getting the Most from Sales and Marketing Automation (Don Friddell, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operations Officer, TMSA)
  11. A Business Development Strategy for Small and Mid-sized Companies (Denny Grim, President, Business to Business Communications)
  12. Powering Your Analytics Dashboard for Results (Andrew Gulovsen, Director of Sales, Transportation Intermediaries Association)
  13. Why the Customer Experience Matters Most to Sales (David Hoppens, VP Sales & Marketing, Momentum Transportation)
  14. Remember the Customer Journey (Scott Grady, President, Rush Trucking Corporation)
  15. Lead Generation Best Practices for Sales Reps (Tami DelCorvo, Director of Marketing, Rush Trucking Corporation)
  16. Best Practices in Outsourcing Sales (Sponsored by Hubtek, Ricardo Gonzalez, Chief Technology Officer, Hubtek)