TMSA Sales & Marketing Metrics Study

TMSA Metrics StudyBenchmark your sales and marketing programs, initiatives and budgets against others in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industry. Initially launched in 2014, TMSA continues to conduct this metrics study every year. The goal of this ongoing research project is to help sales and marketing practitioners gain a better understanding of key sales and marketing metrics, how the metrics change over time, and best practices for marketing and sales success in the industry.

This TMSA research project includes metrics and trends in:

  • Demographic Information on Participants and Organizations
  • CRM, Sales and Marketing Automation Usage
  • Staff and Budget Sizes
  • Cost Per Sales Full-Time Employee
  • Sales Contribution by Source
  • Percentage of Sales People Achieving Quota
  • Onboarding and Sales Training Programs
  • Reasons for Loss of Business
  • Marketing Budget by Categories
  • Allocation of Marketing Budget by Objectives
  • Digital Averages: Email Open Rates, Click Rates, PPC
  • Marketing Activity Outsourcing
  • How Metrics and ROI are Tracked

Completing the survey should require no more than 15 minutes. To be efficient, be prepared to provide the metrics as outlined above. For completing the survey, TMSA will send you a complimentary copy of Executive Summary when it is published in February 2019. The complete set of metrics and analysis will be available ONLY to survey participants and TMSA members.

Note that all survey responses are confidential and are reported only in aggregate form. Individual company data is NEVER shared with any other party. Please complete this survey by Dec. 14.

Participate in 2019 Metrics Study

If you have any questions about this critical research, contact Brian Everett, ABC, Chief Executive Officer of TMSA at 952-466-6270 x201.

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