2019 TMSA Sales Training Seminar

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Expanding Your Network

Building effective networks can be an easy and low cost way of developing and growing your business. You will begin the workshop by connecting with like minded people, discussing industry trends and the challenges of navigating the buyer journey. This quick session will lend to an insightful discussion and provide the evidence of why you must continue to sharpen your skills and develop strategies to retain customers and grow your business.

Gaining Access: Break Through the Clutter with Compelling Messages and Techniques

If you’ve ever agonized over the perfect message only to receive no response, you’re not alone. The Sales Development Report finds that it takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a buyer, and only 24% of sales emails are ever even opened. Attend this sessionand you'll be able to develop new techniques to gain access to customers regardless of mode of communication; deliver a compelling message that gets responses; and improve response rates upon initial contact with prospects. 

This session will introduce new approaches to gain access to customers and prospects that works regardless of your mode of communication, and allow you to practice developing compelling messages that get responses. We will explore such topics as:

  • Identification of highest potential leads
  • How to leverage social media and other resources to turn a prospect into a warm lead
  • Creating a compelling message to differentiate yourself via phone, voicemail, email, etc.

Selling beyond price: Leveraging an Effective Value Proposition

While salespeople strive to focus on value, research by Hubspot finds that almost 6 in 10 buyers want to discuss pricing on the first call. Further, 35% of sales people also report that overcoming price objections is one of their biggest challenges. After this session, you'llbe able to mitigate price objections; demonstrate value to customers by leveraging a compelling value proposition; and close deals faster by navigating objections and shifting customer focus to value.  

Whether you’re targeting a new client, expanding or seeking to maintain current business, demonstrating value is crucial. This session will prepare salespeople to better address price objections by shifting discussions to value (not price.) We will explore such topics as:

  • Creating a compelling value proposition for your product or service
  • Communicating a compelling value proposition
  • Navigating and responding to objections

Practice: Navigating the Buyers Journey

The buying process is changing.  Buyers are more knowledgeable and engage sales reps at different times and in various ways.  They are also over-run with information, which changes behaviors. This quick & fast paced session will provide a chance to practice navigating through the buying signals, objections and curve balls that often emerge when you least expect it.  

Pipeline Management: Growing a Book of Business

According to CSO Insights (Miller Heiman), capturing new accounts is a top goal for many organizations, yet revenue from new customers averages only 29.9% of total revenues. On the other hand, sales cycles for existing customers are about half the length of new business, making them a smart focus. Attend this session and you’ll be able to strike the right balance between new customer acquisition and existing customer expansion & retention; evaluate your customer portfolio to identify where highest growth potential exists; and identify a strategy to diversify revenue streams. 

The good news: you don’t have to choose between expanding market share and cost of sale! This session will focus on developing a productive and growing sales pipeline and customer portfolio. It will help you evaluate your customer portfolio and put growth strategies in place that lead to a balanced portfolio with increased wallet share from customers. We’ll explore the following: 

  • When and why to leverage a customer segmentation model
  • Develop a growth strategy
  • Spend your time on the right activities to achieve customer growth.

Developing Your “A” Game: Action Plan

A clear goal, backed by strong action plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.  Throughout the workshop you will be identifying specific strategies, routines and ideas that will aid you in growing your business and developing your skills.  The final session of the day will provide you with the time and resources to put an action plan in place that you can leverage to achieve your goals.  

Interactive Roundtable Discussion Groups (Working Lunch)

Attend these “working lunch” sessions to share ideas, challenges, solutions, and best practices among your peers. Topics include:

  • Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies 
  • Shipper of Choice: Holding Customers Accountable
  • A Business Development Strategy for Small and Mid-sized Companies

Networking Reception

Your chance to build your industry networking among attendees of both the TMSA Sales Training Workshop as well as the TMSA Digital Transformation Conference (which takes place on Tuesday, Oct. 22). This will be an excellent opportunity for you to build meaningful relationships with your sales and marketing peers - all whom practice in the transportation and logistics industry!



About Our Workshop Facilitators
Sara Black and Holly LaBoda are Partners and Co-Founders of Luminaries Consulting, specializing in organizational learning, training, and strategy. They have 30+ years combined experience and have worked with leading companies such as C.H. Robinson, Emirates Group, Land O’Lakes, and Coca-Cola Enterprises.