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2019 TMSA Transportation Sales Training Workshop

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Sarah Black & Holly LaBoda

Sara Black and Holly LaBoda

Sara Black has always been curious about people; seeking to understand how they behave, the relationships they have, and how each person contributes to the world we live in. This curiosity led her to a career in talent development, and she has spent the last 15+ years working for Fortune 300 Companies in helping them to do more with less, achieve their business goals, and ultimately align their talent with the direction of the organization.  From the U.S. to Europe, Sales Training to Leadership Development, Process Improvement to Strategy Development Sessions - it's been an exciting adventure!  She loves helping others to solve their "people puzzle"! 

Holly LaBoda loves helping organizations, teams and individuals realize their potential; both understanding what they are capable of and making it a reality. She has spent the better part of her 15+ year career in the logistics industry, where she enables people, teams and organizations achieve their goals in the smartest and fastest way possible. Clients appreciate her pragmatic approach which allows her to quickly immerse herself in their business. She blends that with a diverse background in talent, strategy facilitation and change management and can create custom solutions that help them achieve their goals and get results quickly while they focus on running their business. She loves that every client, and every day, is different because it means she is always learning.

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