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2019 TMSA Transportation Sales Training Workshop

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Opening Keynote: Charting the Course of Demographic Change
Learn about the shifting demography and related opportunities and challenges for you and your organization. Marketing, Sales, and Business leaders in transportation and logistics will walk away from this session with a different perspective about their company, their prospect and customer base, their country, and their world. It will provide you with insights and examples that make demography relevant to today’s culture, business climate and economy. > More

Sales Leadership Track Sessions:

Sales Coaching & Enablement: Developing the "A" Team
Selling in today’s environment is harder than ever, and sales people must constantly evolve to see success. The sales leader plays a key role in developing their team, yet according to Gartner, just 38% of salespeople report their manager helps them develop the skills they need for their role today, and even less for the future. Attend this session and you'll be able to increase your effectiveness as a sales leader for coaching your sales team in the field; enable you to continuously develop the skills of your team; and decrease sales cycle time with a stronger, more effective team. > More

Build versus Buy? Increasing Sales Effectiveness with Your Organization's Learning and Development Program 
Feeling the perpetual pressure to scale revenue, today's sales leaders are taking stock of their available resources, ascertaining their internal capabilities and competencies, and gauging their appetite for creating and delivering a sales learning and development program. Leaders are balancing this decision with that of the option to outsource all or a portion of their formal sales training, while recognizing the dramatic impact smart training can have. Attend this session and you'll learn how to gauge the value of an effective sales learning and development program; understand the key elements, including time frames, that a program should have; and weigh the pro’s and con’s of a ‘build vs. buy’ strategy for sales learning and development. > More

Sales Rep Track Sessions:

Gaining Access: Break Through the Clutter with Compelling Messages and Techniques
If you’ve ever agonized over the perfect message only to receive no response, you’re not alone. The Sales Development Report finds that it takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a buyer, and only 24% of sales emails are ever even opened. Attend this session and you'll be able to develop new techniques to gain access to customers regardless of mode of communication; deliver a compelling message that gets responses; and improve response rates upon initial contact with prospects > More

Selling beyond price: Leveraging an Effective Value Proposition
While salespeople strive to focus on value, research by Hubspot finds that almost 6 in 10 buyers want to discuss pricing on the first call. Further, 35% of sales people also report that overcoming price objections is one of their biggest challenges. After this session, you'll be able to mitigate price objections; demonstrate value to customers by leveraging a compelling value proposition; and close deals faster by navigating objections and shifting customer focus to value. > More

Pipeline Management: Growing a Book of Business
According to CSO Insights (Miller Heiman), capturing new accounts is a top goal for many organizations, yet revenue from new customers averages only 29.9% of total revenues. On the other hand, sales cycles for existing customers are about half the length of new business, making them a smart focus. Attend this session and you’ll be able to strike the right balance between new customer acquisition and existing customer expansion & retention; evaluate your customer portfolio to identify where highest growth potential exists; and identify a strategy to diversify revenue streams. > More

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Note: If you are already registered for the annual TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference (All-Access or Early Exit Pass Options), this Sales Training Seminar is included in your fees.