On-Demand Webinar

"How To Leverage SEO To Reach Buyers At Every Stage Of The Buyer Journey"

April Seminar


In a time when 81% of B2B buyer journeys start with a web search, and search engines are evolving at the speed of artificial intelligence, SEO presents unique opportunities and unprecedented challenges. Done well, SEO can reach every member of a purchasing team at every stage of his or her buyer journey to not only keep your brand top-of-mind, but to maintain a conversation that moves each buyer through your sales funnel on his or her own terms. During this session, you will:

  • Develop a broad understanding and framework for modern SEO
  • Learn how strategies like “engagement SEO” and “user intent” can drive real, measurable results for your brand
  • Practical steps on how to leverage SEO that ultimately will reach buyers at every stage of the buyer journey

Steve Wiideman

Specializing in strategic planning for multi-location and franchise brands, Steve Wiideman, of Wiideman Consulting Group, considers himself a scientist and practitioner of local and ecommerce search engine optimization and paid search advertising. Wiideman has a played a role in the inbound successes of brands that have included Disney Parks and Resorts, Linksys, Public Storage, Meineke Car Care Centers, SKECHERS, Technicolor and others, with emphasis on strategy, planning and campaign oversight. Steve’s current projects include a do-it-yourself SEO package and experiments his team is running to better understand the impacts of voice search, featured snippets, and structured data.