2019 TMSA Webinar

Sh*t Happens: Don't Let Service Failures Define Your Customer Experience


In a service industry like transportation and logistics, issues, problems and service failures can happen on a daily or nightly basis. However, these failures don’t have to define the customer experience. In fact, they often can be used to build a stronger customer relationship and even drive additional revenue. In this breakout session we’ll focus not on the failure, but on your ability to rebuild trust with your customers by taking a proactive, empathetic and focused attitude towards the issue, and the overall customer experience.

After attending this session you’ll be able to:

  • Utilize a process to better understand and isolate the issue
  • Understand if there’s an issue or a communication gap
  • Institute a station “Customer Recovery” program

Bob Rippel is Chief Learning Officer of RJ Learning Group. Drawing from over 20 years of sales performance and development experience, Rippel enables global sales organizations and their teams with the tactical, strategic and management skills necessary to achieve both corporate and personal goals and objectives. His background in the development of corporate sales performance initiatives provides him with first-hand knowledge and expertise in partnering with sales leaders to successfully meet their needs.

As a sales training and development professional, Rippel has successfully developed, facilitated and implemented multiple training methodologies across the globe. A recognized facilitator in the U.S. domestic market, Bob’s global experience includes work in locations such as; Canada, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Viet Nam, Australia and Dubai.

In April of 2012 Rippel founded RJ Learning Group to assist sales organizations and sales professionals achieve their desired results. As an independent sales consultant, he is able to draw on his experience and enable organizations with the tools necessary to improve their sales process, sales effectiveness and overall sales productivity. As an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner Rippel has access to state of the art tools to better understand and enable effective communication between buyers and sellers.